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The Honest Broker 14981 HN points 02 Mar 23
I pay tribute to a great artist and share the inspiring open letter he wrote with Herbie Hancock in 2016. I believe this is the most significant piece of writing published about jazz—or creative enterprises in general—in recent years.
Construction Physics 5979 HN points 28 Feb 23
This week we’re continuing our investigation of productivity trends in US construction. We previously looked at single family home construction, and noted that the number of hours required to construct 100 square feet of single family home has slightly increased over the past 50 years.
asianometry 3201 HN points 21 Mar 23
Recently I went to a high-profile semiconductor forum held by the Commonwealth business magazine in Taiwan. Chris Miller, author of the popular book "Chip War" had released his Chinese edition. He was visiting Taiwan for the first time - presumably to promote it.
Justin E. H. Smith's Hinternet 3192 HN points 12 Mar 23
This is a piece I wrote back in 2023, but didn’t manage to get published before the war broke out and put all our projects on hold. In compliance with the 2025 Disinformation Law of the International Internet Court, I hereby attest that I have run the text through a Court-approved truth-portal, which gave it the score of “