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Brain Pizza 2028 HN points 08 Nov 22
my mind is strange; saying no is fine; Carl Schmitt cult; health and diet; Non-Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR); stop thinking unwanted stuff; and more
Brain Pizza 1859 HN points 15 Nov 22
History and neuroscience of interrogation, investigative interviewing, and deep conversation
The Diff 1607 HN points 08 Nov 22
A rare off-cycle issue of The Diff!
Resident Contrarian 1456 HN points 10 Nov 22
Like pet cats, there are some articles you choose, while others choose you. This is one of the examples of an article that was foisted on me, specifically by Editor-Nick, who thought it was that Emily Oster’s Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty was the kind of thing I’d usually talk about, and noted that it was weird that I hadn’t yet.
Subconscious 1239 HN points 07 Nov 22
While analyzing a global history databank spanning 10,000 years, Shin, et al found a disconcerting pattern. Civilizations scale until they are overwhelmed by the information environment they create. This is The Information Scaling Threshold.