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Chartbook 66 likes 15 Nov 23
In recent years the politics of the climate crisis has changed shape. From a politics of distributing costs, it has morphed into the political economy of the energy transition - an industrial, economic and geopolitical race that is being driven by powerful policy interventions and a broad-based flow of investment and innovation. Leadership in the green energy race is now a prized objective of governments around the world.
The Pomp Letter 39 likes 01 Dec 23
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Li's Newsletter 38 likes 14 Nov 23
By Li Jin and Jesse Walden We founded Variant on the thesis that the next generation of the internet would transform users into owners through tokenization. Utilizing tokens as a user incentive has worked exceptionally well for bootstrapping infrastructure networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the application layer has yet to see a proven model for using tokens to grow networks. Rather, there are many examples where distributing tokens has actually impeded sustained growth and retention by attracting more speculators and mercenaries than genuine users, obfuscating product-market fit.