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The Bear Cave 2516 HN points 26 Jan 23
The Bear Cave spent dozens of hours finding the best resources for professional investors. None of these are paid endorsements and we receive no affiliate commissions; this list is based solely on our experience using the products and user reviews. We hope you enjoy this list — The Bear Cave will be back with our regular newsletter this Sunday.
Justin E. H. Smith's Hinternet 2466 HN points 15 Jan 23
Dear readers, I am still in the middle of a solid two months of non-stop travel. As a result, I am again unable to write an original Substack piece this week, so instead I thought I would share with you a very rare and special document that I have had in my possession for some time now.
atis 2418 HN points 26 Jan 23
If you do a Google search for ‘meditation’, you might find results like this: ‘Meditation Completely Changed My Life’ ‘How meditation can change your life and mind’ ‘How meditation changes the brain’ Do a bit more digging, and you might find this article
lunduke 2237 HN points 02 Feb 23
“This is a major win for the burgeoning ‘artificially make people seem intelligent’ industry,” stated ChatGPT.
Brain Pizza 2030 HN points 24 Jan 23
Metabolism Matters - Eating, Exercise, and Evolution Impact Our Energy Burn
thezvi 1799 HN points 09 Jan 23
Scott Alexander points out that the media, from The New York Times to Infowars, very rarely lies explicitly and directly. Alas, the media often misleads. It implies and insinuates that which is not. It abuses the language. It selectively omits. It is highly motivated by partisanship and ideology and its own interests. It does not do or understand the research. It is terrible at interpreting science. It confuses cause and effect. It purports to use technically accurate data to show, even prove, conclusions known to be false, in ways that are designed to mislead and obviously in bad faith.
Maybe Baby 1714 HN points 08 Jan 23
This newsletter is dedicated to the non-stop chaos of air travel in America last month—2,268 flights canceled smack dab in the middle of the holidays, including the flights of my parents’ and my in-law’s parents, which of course meant that all four of their bags wandered aimlessly around the country for days. I’ve always been inspired by how comically rotten it is to fly these days, and I took this fiasco as a sign from above to finally pay my respects.
The Beautiful Mess 1331 HN points 19 Jan 23
I was a guest on Lenny’s Podcast which was so much fun. Check out the episode! This post will explore three popular models for product teams. Sprint, Story, and Backlog-Centric Team and Mission-Centric Engineer-Centric (with Rockstar PMs) Sprint, Story, and Backlog-Centric
Chartbook 1311 HN points 07 Jan 23
“In some periods they explain practically all major events, and in most periods they explain a great deal … But even greater than the causal is the symptomatic significance of fiscal history. The spirit of the people, its cultural level, its social structure, the deeds its policy may prepare … all this and more is written in fiscal history. He who knows how to listen to its message here discerns the thunder of world history more clearly than anywhere else.”