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Chartbook 602 HN points 03 Feb 23
The upheaval rocking the Adani business empire is one of the dramatic global developments of the last week. I was delighted that The Wire saw fit to pick up and republish Chartbook #190. I’ve long harbored a secret ambition to join the ranks of the Wire-wallahs. Cam and I also featured the Adani story on the Pod this week.
lcamtuf 462 HN points 03 Feb 23
This is my third cycle of industry-wide layoffs in tech. I landed my first computer job in the late 1990s. Soon after, I moved to the US and waltzed right into the middle of the dot-com crash. We cracked jokes about our worthless stock options and watched the mayhem from the sidelines. Then, at the tail end of the recession, my employer showed me the door. This put me in a post-9/11 immigration limbo and ultimately forced me to leave the country with the last $100 in my pocket and no real plan.
thezvi 311 HN points 03 Feb 23
Previously: #1, #2 In honor of much of northern California coming face to face with the Builder’s Remedy, I’m doing this first, ahead of the monthly general roundup. Here we go. The Federal Option Biden announces he will hold federal housing funding hostage to the filing of an ‘equity plan.’
ChinaTalk 205 HN points 03 Feb 23
Inspired by TheBrowser, the ChinaTalk team is going to experiment with Friday write-ups of what we found most compelling in our media diet. Let me know if you like it! Jordan—Chinese AI Investment Emily Weinstein and Ngor Luong in a new CSET report took a headlong dive into Crunchbase data to explore just how much US investment is going into Chinese AI companies.
In My Tribe 73 HN points 03 Feb 23
Nellie Bowles discovers "food neutrality"; Rob Henderson on another Jordan Peterson episode; Noah Smith on the Internet and communities; Matt Taibbi on a media hoax
Alex's Personal Blog 63 HN points 03 Feb 23
There’s an old riff that if you want to make a friend, ask them for a favor. It’s counter-intuitive advice. Wouldn’t you want to offer a favor to cement a budding bond? That might help too, but if your potential compatriot is willing to invest in you and your shared connection, it will quickly deepen the affinity.
mate 52 HN points 03 Feb 23
In a new phase of a multi-year cover-up, the OPCW has accused Syria of a chemical attack in Douma. But to make the case, the OPCW breaks its rules and offers an argument that its findings undermine.
Kneeling Bus 48 HN points 04 Feb 23
Among Glenn O’Brien’s many incisive aphorisms, his assertion that “parties are work” has always stuck with me. O’Brien claimed to have learned this from Andy Warhol: “When Warhol turned to me at a party and said, ‘This is such hard work!’ it struck a nerve.” I’ve never doubted this was true for O’Brien and Warhol, but what about everyone else? If the elite’s present norms do indeed anticipate those of the masses by a decade or so (as I
randomminds 25 HN points 03 Feb 23
You may have noticed—but I’m making it official—I have recently launched the Forbidden Conversations video series and it’s going full steam ahead, with some fantastic guests coming up. I’ve been busy filming some great episodes on all sorts of topics and I’m truly excited to share them with you all in the weeks ahead.
TheSequence 7 HN points 03 Feb 23
As a member of the ML community, we’d love for you to participate in our industry survey—it’ll only take 10 minutes, and the first 150 respondents will receive a $25 Amazon gift card! Your information and responses will remain anonymous. What’s this survey about?
Clouded Judgement 3 HN points 03 Feb 23
Every week I’ll provide updates on the latest trends in cloud software companies. Follow along to stay up to date! Thoughts on a Wild Start of the Year Today is a bit of a longer post, but lots to talk about. I also want to mention – I use this blog as somewhat of a personal journal. It’s a place I collect my thoughts. I’ll be right sometimes, I’ll be wrong sometimes, but it’s fun to try and make sense of what’s going on in the markets together. Now on to the content…
Valuabl 0 HN points 03 Feb 23
"If I keep raising the retirement age, then technically I won't be married to a pensioner!"
steigan 0 HN points 04 Feb 23
Mediesjefene: Objektiviteten må vekk i journalistikken Follobanen – og EØS har skylda? HRW: Ukraina bruker klasevåpen og antipersonellminer En bauta i sivet Krigspropaganda for dummies Er vi blitt fattigere eller rikere? Julepresang fra Roma Hvorfor er overtallige dødsfall fortsatt så mange?
Kartick’s Blog 0 HN points 04 Feb 23
Agility and predictability are at odds. Agility means responding to changing circumstances quickly, but then you won’t be able to predict where you’ll be one year from now. To ensure predictability, you need to freeze a decision like “We’ll stick with a database server with 100 GB memory for the next year”, which is the opposite of agile.
robertreich 361 likes 03 Feb 23
Friends, Surprising most analysts and forecasters, employers added a whopping 517,000 jobs in January, according to this morning’s monthly labor report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This was almost twice the growth from December’s 260,000 jobs. The unemployment rate fell to 3.4 percent, the lowest since 1969.
therealhoarse 205 likes 04 Feb 23
I watched through the chain link fence that separated the field from the parking lot. Out on the field, my son was the only one standing. In front of him, a bunch of other players sat cross-legged listening to the coach. I pressed my ear to the fence trying to hear what was being said but was too far away to make out the words.