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Chartbook 127 likes 03 Dec 23
Over an astonishing 20-year period between the mid 1790s and 1814, under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte, France came to exercise power over much of continental Europe. At its height, the Napoleonic empire extended the borders of France to the Low Countries, Italy and the Illyrian provinces. Meanwhile, Spain, Germany, Italy and Poland were formed into states under Napoleon’s control, often ruled by members of his family. Denmark, Prussia and Austria were forced to sign alliances on humiliating terms.
Gray Mirror 26 likes 05 Dec 23
I will be reading my own verse as well as assorted 20th-century material. (I apologize for paywalling this earlier—that was a scurvy trick. Poetry is for the people!) This is a private event. Please do not share or publicize. Email [email protected]