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Alex's Personal Blog 2 HN points 24 Feb 21
I don’t have an editor for this personal blog, so feel free to send typos to [email protected] Thanks! — Alex Yesterday I tweeted a joke post on TechCrunch about why the publication I write for might not cover your seed round. Based on the somewhat outsized response to the screenshot, I wanted to expand on the concept a bit more. But what I blogged up didn’t survive an encounter with my ur-editor, so I’m posting bits of it here, albeit updated as I am now writing for myself instead of under my employer’s aegis.
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Alex's Personal Blog 29 likes 25 May 22
I forgot to write this on the proper day, and Liza is at work so she can’t edit it for me. Expect a typo or two. — Alex Yesterday was my sixth anniversary of not drinking. Frankly I am a little surprised that I have made it this far. Not that I want to return to torching my health, happiness, and friendships. I don’t. But I am somewhat bewildered that I am still on the wagon as I am not particularly strong, or smart.
Alex's Personal Blog 11 likes 15 Feb 20
Update: After writing this, I felt that the entry had wound up sufficiently long that it was worth having a friend read it before I shared it publicly. So, I published it and sent it to her for notes. However, before I could edit in her comments, a few folks found it and shared the post. Techmeme also linked to it. So, I’m leaving it up unedited in the spirit of fairness. Long live thinking out loud.
Alex's Personal Blog 11 likes 09 Jul 21
Hey! I used to just blog on the ol’ substack, but a friend told me to stop being a fucking coward and send my notes via email. Since people subscribed to get them. So, here you go! — Alex A few months ago, I was on the phone with a Prominent Venture Capitalist who remarked off-hand that the media no longer cared about, or covered startup funding rounds. This isn’t true — I compile the Daily Crunch email every afternoon; we’re covering a lot of deals — but the comment stuck with me.
Alex's Personal Blog 8 likes 30 Jun 21
I am more behind on email than usual, which I didn’t know was possible. But with my new newsletter role at TechCrunch time is limited, and I am having to triage more than I once had to. That in mind, I am sharpening my filters for deciding which funding rounds to cover.
Alex's Personal Blog 5 likes 20 Jul 21
Our dogs woke me up at 5:30 a.m. this morning. Again. So, over some early coffee here’s a thought I’ve had for a while. I am tired so expect a few typos. Hugs, hope you are well. — Alex As a music fan I am stuck both loving Spotify and loathing it. I’ve been a Spotify user since before it was officially available in the United States, and have happily paid the company for longer than I can recall. The service is easily among the most high-value products that I buy each month, and it’s among the cheapest.
Alex's Personal Blog 4 likes 03 May 21
Starting today I am tweaking my output at TechCrunch. The following changes have nothing to do with the recently-announced sale of TechCrunch’s parent company to Apollo. This is stuff we were working on long before that particular news story fell out of the sky last week.
Alex's Personal Blog 4 likes 10 Jun 21
My short post announcing my exit from Crunchbase that I’ve had pinned to my Twitter page has picked up some reads in recent days, and at a few notes from VCs and founders either asking where I’m heading next, or, in the case of one investor, which venture capital firm I am joining.
Alex's Personal Blog 4 likes 25 Jul 19
I don’t have an editor for this personal blog. Please send corrections and complaints to [email protected] Thanks! - A Against my will I turned 30 earlier this week. Celebrations were rapturous. I got up roughly on time that morning, fed the dogs, and made it to the coffee spot before Liza got home from a night shift. She went to bed for the day and I went to work. That afternoon we got to hang for an hour before she went back to work, but before I was done. So she went to the hospital and I went back to the desk.
Alex's Personal Blog 3 likes 24 Jun 20
A whole year. That’s a long damn time. A year is 365 mornings, 365 shots at having a good lunch. It’s 365 tries at getting to bed on time. It’s 12 full months of working out, if you have the heart to do it. It’s four quarters of self-improvement. It’s two half-years worth of books.
Alex's Personal Blog 2 likes 18 Aug 21
After being a whiney pain-in-the-ass about email and DMs for my entire career, I am going to get over myself and get better at both. Putting this here so that I can’t give up on the idea. Tips welcome on how you triage.
Alex's Personal Blog 2 likes 23 Sep 21
As always, this is my personal blog, so it doesn’t benefit from editing help. And my partner isn’t home at the moment to catch the stray commas that I am sure exist. But hey, writing is fun, so here are some words. — Alex There’s an old Mark Twain quote