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Alex's Personal Blog 29 likes 25 May 22
I forgot to write this on the proper day, and Liza is at work so she can’t edit it for me. Expect a typo or two. — Alex Yesterday was my sixth anniversary of not drinking. Frankly I am a little surprised that I have made it this far. Not that I want to return to torching my health, happiness, and friendships. I don’t. But I am somewhat bewildered that I am still on the wagon as I am not particularly strong, or smart.
Alex's Personal Blog 2 likes 18 Aug 21
After being a whiney pain-in-the-ass about email and DMs for my entire career, I am going to get over myself and get better at both. Putting this here so that I can’t give up on the idea. Tips welcome on how you triage.
Alex's Personal Blog 2 likes 23 Sep 21
As always, this is my personal blog, so it doesn’t benefit from editing help. And my partner isn’t home at the moment to catch the stray commas that I am sure exist. But hey, writing is fun, so here are some words. — Alex There’s an old Mark Twain quote
Alex's Personal Blog 2 likes 23 Jan 22
I love getting calls and texts from people suffering from alcohol abuse. Not that I enjoy that someone is in pain; I do not. But I am incredibly happy to learn, in those moments, that someone I know has decided that the suffering that they have endured is enough, and that they are ready to beat the bastard back and regain control of their lives.
Alex's Personal Blog 0 likes 02 Sep 21
Our Private Equity Overlords at Apollo have deigned to give the newly reconstituted Yahoo Friday off, which means I am starting a short vacation a little bit early. I am off tomorrow, and all of next week. So, if you email or DM or text me, please expect precisely nothing in response.
Alex's Personal Blog 0 likes 22 Jul 22
My birthday celebration plans center around reading on the back porch with my spouse as soon as she returns from Maine, so I am a little bit annoyed to be writing a second post today about turning 33 . But I did want to mark a few things for my future self, and as this is essentially my personal blog, well, let’s get it over with.