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Welcome to All Mixt Up! a gathering place for complex feelings -- at the intersection of race & mental health.

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All Mixt Up 2 likes 19 Jun 20
CPT or Colored People’s Time is an American expression referring to a stereotype of Black people always being late. The expression is often described as a derogatory racist stereotype. It’s considered derogatory because it implies that Black people have a relaxed or indifferent view of work ethic, which leads to them being labeled as lazy or unreliable.
All Mixt Up 2 likes 27 Aug 21
Cue Jack Nicholson’s “here’s johnny” voice except replace here’s johnny with “iiiiiii’m pregnant!” That’s right, folks. It’s instagram and substack official! I am 21 weeks pregnant and currently housing a “baby bok choy” fetus according to my incredibly corny/dramatic pregnancy app.
All Mixt Up 2 likes 29 Sep 21
hey there! I can’t believe it’s been a month (!) since I last wrote to you. Time is realllllly confusing right now. I’ve been feeling a LOT since my last post, including some tiny baby karate kicks in my belly! Being pregnant is a W I L D ride. Some days I wake up feeling magical and filled with beautiful butterflies. Other days, I want to crawl out of my skin and melt deep into the ground and stay there…. forever. Know what I mean?
All Mixt Up 1 likes 15 Jun 20
Welcome to All Mixt Up by me, Jesse Walker. Real talk from a psychologist-in-training/rainbow fish out of water. Sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue. In the meantime, tell your friends!
All Mixt Up 1 likes 21 Apr 21
today feels…. weird. I have a million feelings swirling in my head, which definitely means I’m overwhelmed and still processing. But I also feel like maybe writing something out will help me understand better. I don’t know. Bear with me, please. I’m really really really really really confused as to where I fit into this movement of social justice. My body is feeling super achy, which I believe is my intrinsic connection to the Black struggle. I’m so fucking tired.
All Mixt Up 1 likes 09 Jul 20
“When we revolt it’s not for a particular culture. We revolt simply because, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe.” ― Frantz Fanon (1968) Black Skin, White Masks
All Mixt Up 1 likes 07 Aug 20
"I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you. How DARE you?!" - Tyra Banks, to Cycle 4 contestant, Tiffany Richardson, America's Next Top Model.
All Mixt Up 0 likes 14 Aug 20
Dr. Melfi: "It sounds to me like Anthony Jr. may have stumbled onto existentialism." Tony Soprano: "Fucking Internet." - The Sopranos "D-Girl" Episode, Season 2
All Mixt Up 0 likes 23 Jul 20
"Get in good trouble, necessary trouble, and help redeem the soul of America." - John Lewis [Rest in Power]
All Mixt Up 0 likes 27 Jun 20
Who are you? said the Caterpillar Alice replied: I hardly know, Sir, just at present. At least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have changed several times since then.
All Mixt Up 0 likes 30 Apr 21
PSA: a giddy UP mixtape for when you’re feeling dowwwwwn. We got this. Get back on the horse, baby girl. Try again! love, Jesse