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Art of The Start 1 likes 04 Apr 19
Most startups are created around a technology. To succeed as companies, they need to identify and validate a vertical in which to establish themselves. They have to choose whether to explore multiple possible applications of the technology simultaneously and opportunistically, or to go deep on a single target market. I’ll argue for the advantage of doing an initial broad-but-shallow, conceptual, exploration to find the most promising opportunity, and then focus development effort on only that market.
Art of The Start 1 likes 20 Mar 19
A founders’ vision of their product encompasses multitudes, and includes many features and capabilities, all integral to making it a glorious, seamless, and pleasing creation. The minimum viable product is a series of stable stepping stones helping establish and discover a path to achieving that ideal.
Art of The Start 1 likes 15 Apr 20
In which we riff on Dale Carnegie’s title and offer tools for developing your social network and using your connections effectively, with special emphasis on ideas for new entrepreneurs. We’re all flooded with requests for help, advice, introductions, and investment.