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Boutique Biotech 1 likes 14 Nov 20
With bold moves like the Corvidia acquisition this summer and the Emisphere acquisition last week, Novo Nordisk is both expanding and diversifying its ...
Boutique Biotech 0 likes 04 Jun 21
Before ASCO data was released today (see ASCO21 expectations post), MGTA-145 was positioned as a clear-cut superior alternative to existing mobilizing agents. It collected more cells, was higher quality, safer and more convenient.After today’s data, MGTA-145 collects approximately the same number of cells as competitors, but still provides other benefi…
Boutique Biotech 0 likes 19 Aug 21
Eloxx (ELOX) provided a Q2 business update earlier this week, and everything was on schedule. Based on enrollment at the end of June, the company remains on track to report monotherapy data from the ongoing Phase 2 cystic fibrosis study in Q4 2021. We think data will be in November (details in our prior posts —