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Boutique Biotech, authored by a University of Chicago faculty member, provides analytical insights into the biotech stock market, focusing on company spotlights, acquisition news, market trends, and educational content on biotech investing. It evaluates FDA approvals, clinical trial data, and financial strategies within the sector.

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19 implied HN points 29 Sep 23
  1. Structure Therapeutics' GPCR showed significant weight reduction in overweight patients with their oral GLP-1 receptor agonist GSBR-1290.
  2. The once-a-day pill resulted in 4.8kg weight loss, approximately 5.4% at the highest dose after 28 days.
  3. The data from Structure Therapeutics' Phase 1b study is compared with other oral medications for obesity in the same field.
19 implied HN points 30 Aug 23
  1. Educational content for understanding biotech investing through charts.
  2. Biotechs often use various types of graphs to represent data outcomes.
  3. Knowing and understanding important plots in biotech can be crucial when interpreting data.
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