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The CRT-Industrial Complex In my essay on “Critical Race Theory and the Long March Through the Institutions,” I examined what Critical Race Theory (CRT) is and what its philosophic origins are. The primary purpose of the present essay is to show how CRT made its way into America’s K-12 government school system. My specific concern is to highlight the various delivery mechanisms by which the Education Deep State smuggled CRT into America’s schools.
2021 was the year of The Great Parent Revolt. Parents en masse organized to protest the teaching of Critical Race Theory (and Critical Gender Theory) in America’s government schools. We’ve all seen the videos of school board meetings that erupted in anger as parents vented their frustrations with local school board officials. It’s clear from those meetings that the parents opposing CRT believe that the doctrine is racist both in theory and practice and that it is fomenting racial division and hatred.
Commentators on American society often speak of the “two Americas.” America is divided, they say, between, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, blue staters and red staters, rich and poor, black and white, etc. But there is another division in the United States that is rarely, if ever, talked about—the division between those teenagers who go to college and those who join America’s armed forces.
THEY TOO WERE YOUNG by C. B. Thompson Off to war they went, young men with hopes and dreams. Today we remember them for what they did, but let us not forget what they never had. Look at their photographs and remember them well, and imagine for just a moment what they might have been.