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charlotteclymer 219 likes 10 Apr 23
[This blog will always be free to read, but it’s also how I pay my bills. So, if you like what you read, please consider a paid subscription. And yes, I do speaking engagements.] This afternoon, conservative campus group Intercollegiate Studies Institute reached out to offer me $10,000 to debate Michael Knowles at the University of Pittsburgh on the validity of trans people. His scheduled event there has drawn significant controversy in light of his recent speech at CPAC calling for openly-trans people to be eradicated from the public square.
charlotteclymer 72 likes 24 Dec 22
Friends, I can scarcely believe it, but this final week of 2022 will mark the first full calendar year for Charlotte’s Web Thoughts. I formally launched this little blog/newsletter summer before last, and I have been astonished and grateful for the readership that has steadily grown over time.
charlotteclymer 7 likes 26 Nov 21
[For those who want to listen to this on-the-go, the audio version should be up on Apple’s podcast website soon. You can also listen here.] Good morning, folks! I know you’re busy today shopping and working and packing and eating leftovers, so I’m gonna make this quick.