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The Diff 3295 HN points 01 Aug 22
Plus! Pensions; Customer-Facing; Use Cases; Making a Market; Reflexive Energy Politics; Diff Jobs
The Diff 843 HN points 15 Aug 22
Plus! BNPL; Coopetition; Marketplaces and Ads; Last Mile, Last Users; Value and Rates; Diff Jobs
The Diff 482 HN points 11 Aug 22
Plus! Food Stamps-as-a-Service; Disney+Ads; Prices and Market Share; Learning the Meta; Crypto's Long March
The Diff 401 HN points 29 Jul 22
Plus! Downsides to the Solid-State Economy; BeReal; ESG Retaliation; Believing the Data; Dependency
The Diff 401 HN points 21 Jul 22
Plus! Liquidity and Leverage; Crypto Bailouts; Baggage Tech; Splinternet by Other Means; Outsourcing, Latency, and Extra Clicks
The Diff 321 HN points 28 Jul 22
Plus! Yield Curve Control for Oil; Multicloud; Product Improvements; Content Recycling; BNPL and Regulation