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Doomberg 3330 HN points 23 May 22
Price gouging claims might make for good TV, but the real source of price pressure sits at the refineries. The resulting options to manage diesel prices aren’t pretty.
Doomberg 3269 HN points 06 Sep 22
The staggering incompetence of the current slate of European leaders is only outdone by their hubris.
Doomberg 3071 HN points 08 Aug 22
As long as there is fresh money to be heaved into this zombie company’s furnace, we can’t be anywhere near a market bottom.
Doomberg 3062 HN points 14 Jun 22
Biden just caved to the pressures of political expediency and Chinese economic aggression.
Doomberg 2859 HN points 03 Aug 22
Celsius’ bankruptcy risks public scrutiny of Tether’s business dealings, blowing apart its long-held privacy.
Doomberg 2818 HN points 11 Sep 22
Signs emerge that we may be past peak stupidity in energy policy, just not yet in Germany.
Doomberg 2727 HN points 15 Aug 22
With new sanctions against Tornado Cash, the US Treasury executes its latest advance towards all-encompassing control over transactions.
Doomberg 2709 HN points 19 Jul 22
In Delaware, a legendary court faces its biggest test in years.
Doomberg 2641 HN points 13 May 22
Is thorium a magic bullet for nuclear energy, exaggerated hype, or something in between?
Doomberg 2492 HN points 04 May 22
“There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” – Marshall McLuhan On August 2, 1939, Albert Einstein wrote a two-page letter that would alter the course of history. Addressed to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Einstein explained that physicists were close to unlocking the potential of nuclear energy and postulated that this new technology could be harnessed to create devastating weapons of war. He also warned that Germany was already pursuing such weapons, and encouraged Roosevelt that the US should do the same. Although Roosevelt’s initial response to the letter was tepid, key influencers around the President soon convinced him that this was a winner-takes-all race that the US was losing. What followed was the largest mobilization of talent and resources for a single scientific project in history.
Doomberg 2016 HN points 09 May 22
“So, I'd like to move on to talk about our Bitcoin strategy. We're going to continue to pursue a strategy which offers our investors spot exposure with leverage to Bitcoin.” – Michael Saylor In the 1996 cult classic comedy Swingers, famed actor Jon Favreau plays a down-on-his-luck comedian named Mike Peters. Having just moved to Los Angeles from New York and fresh off a difficult breakup with his longtime girlfriend, a depressed and unemployed Peters is coaxed by his more charismatic friend Trent Walker (played by Vince Vaughn) to accompany him on a road trip to Las Vegas. Upon arriving on the Strip, Peters and Walker find their way to the Stardust Hotel and Casino, where Peters awkwardly approaches a blackjack table with $300 in cash – a sum which represents an embarrassingly uncomfortable percentage of his total personal liquidity.
Doomberg 1886 HN points 27 May 22
Big names in the Great Stonk Bubble™ have dropped 80-90% off the highs and are still vastly overpriced. In other words, more pain to come.
Doomberg 1877 HN points 15 Dec 21
After nailing consumers with the left jab of even more rolling blackouts in the future, California has decided to hit them with the right hook of taking away their ability to hedge against such inevitabilities.
Doomberg 1770 HN points 06 Apr 22
The Work of My Life Report: March 2022 | We are long the human spirit and pragmatically committed to building something that lasts.
Doomberg 1633 HN points 22 Nov 21
LNG exporters are directing their fleets towards Asia, and Europe will be left begging Russia to fill the gap.
Doomberg 1374 HN points 22 Dec 21
Aron’s behavior is the exception that proves the rule. No serious CEO with real prospects for profit would flail about on social media, stitching himself to whatever nonsense is currently trending online.
Doomberg 1154 HN points 13 Nov 21
“Alchemy is a kind of philosophy: a kind of thinking that leads to a way of understanding.” – Marcel Duchamp A funny thing occurred in the gold market during March of 2020. If you happened to be in New York and in possession of four 100-ounce gold bars, you could have traded those bars for one 400-ounce gold bar plus a handsome premium – some say as much as $100 an ounce. That ~6% divergence in price was highly unusual. Gold is gold, after all, so why should the exact same amount of gold sell for different prices?
Doomberg 1120 HN points 17 Nov 21
“All rail service coming to and from the Port of Vancouver is halted because of flooding in the British Columbia interior.” – Matti Polychronis, port spokesperson
Doomberg 1112 HN points 08 Nov 21
“At one point, people are going to have to realize that maybe I know what I’m doing.” – Justin Trudeau The Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan is some of the most beautiful country in the United States. Long considered the premiere summer playground for vacationing Midwesterners, the UP is characterized by stunning forests, spectacular lakes, rolling hills, and largely unblemished nature. The population density of the UP is only 18 people per square mile, compared to over 27,000 in New York City. Having recently driven through both, there’s simply no comparison. New York is overflowing with rotting garbage on the sidewalks, while the UP is a slice of heaven on earth.
Doomberg 873 HN points 20 Oct 21
It is fine to not know where stuff comes from, but it isn’t fine to not know where stuff comes from while dictating to the rest of us how the economy should be run.
HN comments
Doomberg 857 HN points 02 Nov 21
Unfortunately for coking coal, it has coal in its name. Unfortunately for the renewable power industry, they’re going to need a lot of coking coal. This seems like quite the conundrum.
Doomberg 642 HN points 16 Oct 21
“The only countries that have successfully moved from fossil fuels to low-carbon power have done so with the help of nuclear energy.” – Michael Shellenberger As Europe and China are finding out the hard way, energy is life. Energy is food. Energy is warmth. Energy is order. Energy is civilization. The absence of energy is death. It is hunger. It is cold. It is the end of civilization. These are simply indisputable axioms of physics. The second law of thermodynamics is as brutal as it is undefeated: disorder is spontaneous, and life is the pinnacle of high order.
Doomberg 626 HN points 26 Dec 21
Thinker's Manual No. 001 | “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw
Doomberg 583 HN points 10 Oct 21
“It’s important to recognize that net zero demands a transformation of the entire economy.” – Larry Fink We are on the cusp of a significant mass starvation event of our own making. Soon, tens of millions of the world’s most impoverished people will die from an inability to feed themselves, while many of those comfortably getting by now – especially in the Western World – are in for a shock.
Doomberg 470 HN points 22 Oct 21
Earlier this week, Ursula von der Leyen descended from on high, tablets in hand, to deliver a somber message to the shivering masses of the Old Continent.
Doomberg 431 HN points 13 Oct 21
“Show me the country that has no strikes and I'll show you the country in which there is no liberty.” – Samuel Gompers With Doomberg, I’ve mostly stayed clear of the Covid-19 political fault lines. I’m not an epidemiologist, nor have I put in the time to study the science in detail. Objectively, the issue around vaccines and associated mandates has become a high-voltage arena reserved for those with strong opinions.
Doomberg 406 HN points 05 Oct 21
“In every revolution, there are winners and losers. Every dystopia is a utopia for somebody else. It just depends where you are. Are you in the class that benefits, or are you in the class that's not?” – Ken Liu I’ve been thinking a lot about the Federal Reserve lately. After
Doomberg 380 HN points 02 Oct 21
“There is no off position on the genius switch.” – David Letterman David Berman was a genius in the truest sense of the word; perhaps the best musician you’ve never heard of. I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit listening to his library of work, which began in 1989 when he co-founded the indie rock band
Doomberg 341 HN points 18 Oct 21
“On State Street, that great street, I just want to say… They do things that they never Do on Broadway” – Frank Sinatra This is not a piece about Covid-19, vaccines, or vaccine mandates. It is a piece about power. At issue is whether authorities in the United States have the power to mandate that certain citizens take the Covid-19 vaccines. The answer, quite obviously, depends on which authorities are seeking that power and which citizens are resisting it.
Doomberg 329 HN points 07 Oct 21
“In Hinduism, Shiva is a deity who represents transformation. Through destruction and restoration, Shiva reminds us that endings are beginnings, and that our world is constantly undergoing a cycle of birth, death and rebirth.” – Karen Salmansohn In properly functioning markets, prices move based on order flow within reasonable ranges, the last price being the foundational anchor for the next. Market makers stand between buyers and sellers, smoothing out price and ensuring decent execution in exchange for a small spread. Like all metastable systems, markets sometimes break, with massive order imbalances leading to previously unthinkable prices. Such black swan events happen with a decent enough regularity that we’ve become accustomed to assuming means will be regressed to and life will go on as normal.