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Doomberg 24704 HN points 04 Jun 22
The intoxicating power to nullify people instead of hypotheses has proved irresistible.
Doomberg 14276 HN points 03 Feb 22
The Work of My Life: January 2022 Report | The soulful contour of the human endeavor is what drives the popularity of authenticity over perfection.
Doomberg 8759 HN points 07 Feb 22
As another domestic pipeline project is shut down, Biden invites an energy alliance with the Emir of Qatar.
Doomberg 7687 HN points 19 Apr 22
The dwindling flows of the Colorado River are insufficient to deliver on its commitments, forcing tough choices on the US Southwest.
Doomberg 6867 HN points 12 Feb 22
As MP Materials seeks to onshore the production of rare earth elements, they’ve become a battleground stock for short sellers.
Doomberg 6055 HN points 23 Jun 22
The Greens bring back coal while continuing to shut down nuclear. We are truly in the Twilight Zone.
Doomberg 5750 HN points 27 Apr 22
In the face of a global energy crisis, war, food shortages, and rampant inflation, does it make sense to be redirecting acres of valuable cropland to renewable diesel?
Doomberg 5706 HN points 04 Apr 22
“Follow the fiat” explains why Bitcoin maxis urgently need spot ETFs and why the SEC is rejecting them swiftly.
Doomberg 5627 HN points 02 Mar 22
The Work of My Life: February 2022 Report | Eppie Thompson taps into the visceral need to create and inspires us along the way.
Doomberg 5539 HN points 18 Mar 22
Adam Aron’s newly minted cadre of gold bugs will soon make its acquaintance with humbuggery.
Doomberg 5459 HN points 23 Apr 22
Will a mega project in Morocco serve as a practical model for large-scale deployment of renewable energy?
Doomberg 5324 HN points 21 Jan 22
For Lithuania, outhustling and outlasting superpowers is in the country’s DNA.
Doomberg 5190 HN points 31 Jul 22
The Work of My Life: July 2022 Report | Feed the algorithms and they feed you.
Doomberg 4889 HN points 29 Jun 22
Childish games played in the Australian energy market have left Aussies needlessly vulnerable.
Doomberg 4863 HN points 24 Jul 22
Invoking the National Emergencies Act on climate is a power grab sure to backfire.
Doomberg 4577 HN points 13 Jan 22
The response to the pandemic destroyed countless small businesses – one wonders why so much attention is being selectively paid to the plight of the small rancher.
Doomberg 4563 HN points 05 Jul 22
By handing over its energy cards to Russia’s Putin, Europe has made him the chip stack leader in the BASF Casino.
Doomberg 4475 HN points 14 Jul 22
Casting a wary eye at Sri Lanka, Torschlusspanik sets in for Germany.
Doomberg 3636 HN points 27 Jul 22
Europe is burning mature US trees for heat and calling it carbon neutral.
Doomberg 3565 HN points 10 Jul 22
As long as Tether is still festering, the wound to crypto won’t heal.
Doomberg 3517 HN points 01 Jun 22
Our political class has translated its deep misunderstanding of energy into an equally haphazard set of economic sanctions levied against Russia, and our crazy pills are running out.
Doomberg 3477 HN points 12 Aug 22
Calling for a long-awaited liberation of nuclear power from anti-scientific nonsense peddled by closet Malthusians.
Doomberg 3373 HN points 31 Jan 22
The US’s behavior towards energy seems virtually indistinguishable from what we would be doing if an adversarial foreign power was overseeing our affairs.
Doomberg 3330 HN points 23 May 22
Price gouging claims might make for good TV, but the real source of price pressure sits at the refineries. The resulting options to manage diesel prices aren’t pretty.
Doomberg 3062 HN points 14 Jun 22
Biden just caved to the pressures of political expediency and Chinese economic aggression.
Doomberg 3054 HN points 08 Aug 22
As long as there is fresh money to be heaved into this zombie company’s furnace, we can’t be anywhere near a market bottom.
Doomberg 2851 HN points 03 Aug 22
Celsius’ bankruptcy risks public scrutiny of Tether’s business dealings, blowing apart its long-held privacy.
Doomberg 2709 HN points 19 Jul 22
In Delaware, a legendary court faces its biggest test in years.
Doomberg 2641 HN points 13 May 22
Is thorium a magic bullet for nuclear energy, exaggerated hype, or something in between?