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Doomberg 24704 HN points 04 Jun 22
The intoxicating power to nullify people instead of hypotheses has proved irresistible.
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Doomberg 18002 HN points 04 Jul 23
Democracies that prohibit freedom to transact are losing their claim on freedom itself.
Doomberg 14276 HN points 03 Feb 22
The Work of My Life: January 2022 Report | The soulful contour of the human endeavor is what drives the popularity of authenticity over perfection.
Doomberg 9510 HN points 02 May 23
The US plays “make believe” with electrifying its military.
Doomberg 9394 HN points 06 May 23
Can SMR technology unlock a low-carbon industrial future?
Doomberg 8759 HN points 07 Feb 22
As another domestic pipeline project is shut down, Biden invites an energy alliance with the Emir of Qatar.
Doomberg 8682 HN points 08 Apr 23
Newsom’s war against refinery profits continues on the tired battlefield of supply-demand delusions.
Doomberg 8664 HN points 31 May 23
When a major section of the US grid inevitably collapses, it won’t be because of climate change.
Doomberg 8122 HN points 23 Apr 23
Deprogramming the green energy con that has absorbed a generation.
Doomberg 7748 HN points 28 Apr 23
Sanctions against Russia will continue to backfire until the West gets serious about increasing oil and gas production.
Doomberg 7713 HN points 26 May 23
The urban green energy agenda necessitates an assault on rural property rights.
Doomberg 7687 HN points 19 Apr 22
The dwindling flows of the Colorado River are insufficient to deliver on its commitments, forcing tough choices on the US Southwest.
Doomberg 7401 HN points 10 May 23
A look at the implausible demands imposed on the grid by green mandates.
Doomberg 6867 HN points 12 Feb 22
As MP Materials seeks to onshore the production of rare earth elements, they’ve become a battleground stock for short sellers.
Doomberg 6814 HN points 13 Jun 23
The folly of Ireland’s proposed cattle massacre in the name of reducing carbon emissions.
Doomberg 6814 HN points 15 May 23
Burning old car tires gets a “biomass” rebrand?
Doomberg 6391 HN points 03 Feb 23
If enormous shareholder dilution is good, surely ginormous shareholder dilution is even better!
Doomberg 6122 HN points 05 Aug 23
Room-temperature superconductors AND a cure for cancer in the same week? C’mon now!
Doomberg 6055 HN points 23 Jun 22
The Greens bring back coal while continuing to shut down nuclear. We are truly in the Twilight Zone.
Doomberg 6026 HN points 01 Sep 22
Europe is hurtling toward the hard wall of physics at a frightening speed, and its leaders are stomping on the accelerator.
Doomberg 5773 HN points 11 Mar 23
Battery breakthroughs at lab scale are rarely commercially viable. We offer an evergreen model for understanding the newest claims.
Doomberg 5750 HN points 27 Apr 22
In the face of a global energy crisis, war, food shortages, and rampant inflation, does it make sense to be redirecting acres of valuable cropland to renewable diesel?
Doomberg 5739 HN points 08 Jul 23
China, Inc. is using a familiar playbook as it seeks to dominate global EV production.
Doomberg 5706 HN points 04 Apr 22
“Follow the fiat” explains why Bitcoin maxis urgently need spot ETFs and why the SEC is rejecting them swiftly.
Doomberg 5627 HN points 02 Mar 22
The Work of My Life: February 2022 Report | Eppie Thompson taps into the visceral need to create and inspires us along the way.