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faridaily 52 likes 23 May 22
All the previous month I was in a state of nebulous burnout. The war, the sudden unprepared move to a foreign country, health problems, etc., have drained me. And now I'm slowly recovering. This week I had the honour of writing an op-ed for the New York Times. Many of my colleagues and friends including myself after the start of Putin's war with Ukraine began to turn to the publications of Valeriya Novodvorskaya, a Soviet dissident who had gone through the KGB's punitive psychiatric system. Her observations previously seemed too radical and at times inadequate. Now they look like grimly accurate diagnoses. There is no prophet in his motherland.
faridaily 21 likes 03 Sep 22
Церемония прощания с первым президентом СССР получилась похожей на своеобразную акцию протеста. На нее пришло много молодых людей, а вот вся властная верхушка ее проигнорировала.