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Four Fourths 2 likes 01 Dec 21
Hello friends, I am currently taking a break from the newsletter to finish the book on leisure I have been writing, which is in its final stages & will be coming soon. I am going to be taking a break from that break by doing something I usually don’t do, which is comment on current events. But this won’t be about any particular event, but more about my frustration in how we handle tragedy. This will be clumsy & not polished, but I feel was something that needed to be said.
Four Fourths 1 likes 13 Jan 22
It is quite clear that we live in an anxious time. Individuals are anxious, the culture is anxious, everyone is on edge. Amongst other things, I believe this is a spiritual problem, I also believe that proper leisure - understood & attained - can help us ease some of that anxiety, if only briefly.