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Glenn Greenwald 12008 HN points 07 Nov 22
NOTE FROM GLENN GREENWALD: On Sunday in Brazil, a large news site published a profile in Portuguese about how our family has been navigating the ongoing health crisis of my husband, the Brazilian Congressman David Miranda, who on that date completed three full months of hospitalization in ICU. As a result, I published an article in Portuguese on the same day that provided some more details on his health condition and how we have tried to deal with it, and I added an English translation of it for those interested. I
Glenn Greenwald 1346 HN points 07 Jan 23
Video transcript: We talk to former Congressman Justin Amash and antitrust scholar Matt Stoller about the battle for the speakership and status quo dysfunction in Congress
Glenn Greenwald 638 likes 11 Sep 23
NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERS Our community of subscribers remains as fundamental as ever to the independent journalism we produce. I thus wanted to update you on several new developments in our work: In January of this year, as most of you know, we moved our platform for both written and video journalism