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HBCU Digest 2 likes 11 Oct 21
The Biden Administration issued a press release over the weekend to correct ‘misinformation’ in coverage of HBCU allocations in Congress’ drafted reconciliation bill. In order to promote our shared prosperity and advance equity for all Americans, the Biden-Harris Administration has prioritized and delivered historic levels of investment in and support for HCBUs. Those actions include:
HBCU Digest 0 likes 14 Oct 21
A significant rebound in investment earnings over the last fiscal year puts Harvard University back in calm waters as the nation’s wealthiest institution. “Public and private markets both continued their strong performance, which allowed the endowment to not only increase its distribution to the university, but also continue to grow during this critical time when pandemic-related financial pressures challenge all of higher education,” N.P. “Narv” Narvekar, the CEO of Harvard Management Co, wrote in his report.
HBCU Digest 0 likes 13 Oct 21
The Tennessee Department of Education is seeking public input on its recently announced plans to overhaul its education funding formula. Tennessee students, parents, and education experts interested in helping to review and revise the state’s funding formula can apply to be on one of 18 education subcommittees that will meet online and in-person over the next three months.
HBCU Digest 0 likes 14 Oct 21
The University of Georgia System becomes the first public college and university system in the country to eliminate employment and academic freedom protections for tenured professors. The Board of Regents, maintains that the policy change will streamline the process of removing faculty members who do not adequately contribute to a university, and the 19-member board unanimously approved the new measure on Wednesday. In the fall of 2020, there were