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astrology for writers 24 likes 16 Mar 21
Hi everyone, If you are on media or literary Twitter, this headline does not surprise you. If you have no idea what's going on, I am going to give the simplest of overviews. Other people — Jude Doyle (start here), Britni de la Cretaz, Emily VanDerWerff
astrology for writers 16 likes 29 Jun 22
Hi all, This one took a minute. A head’s up that it’s about Roe, and Cancer energy, and how we show up for each other. Also, just a reminder that my signature course Astrology for Writers: How to Make Your Writing Work for You is currently available for immediate download for the next two weeks only.
astrology for writers 11 likes 26 Feb 21
Hi friends, I’ve been writing this newsletter for two years now (its solar return was earlier this month — she’s an Aquarius!). I truly cannot express how grateful I am to all of you for reading, and for the conversations that these missives spark.
astrology for writers 8 likes 11 Aug 22
Hi friends, Normally, I have an essay for you, but this newsletter is going to be a little more brief, addressing the tenor of tonight’s full moon. Health issues have reared their head (connecting, ironically/predictably enough, to the New Moon in Aquarius
astrology for writers 8 likes 30 Apr 22
Hi friends, Welcome to eclipse season! The four eclipses of the year arrive in pairs: today’s, April 30th followed up by one on May 15th, with the next set arriving in the fall, October 25th and November 8th (election day — god, this country needs an astrologer, among other things). Mark your calendars. It’s gonna be a ride.
astrology for writers 7 likes 21 Dec 20
Hi everyone, Today is busy (the Winter Solstice! The Great Conjunction!), but the tl;dr of this newsletter is… don’t feel like you actually have to do anything immediately at this moment. If you’re feeling pressure, or like you’re going to somehow “miss out” on the astrology, take a deep breath. In. And out.
astrology for writers 7 likes 16 Feb 22
I don’t know about you, but I’ve been listening to the Encanto soundtrack pretty much non-stop. The song that is most resonating with me in this moment is “What Else Can I Do?”, a duet between the heroine Mirabel and her practically-perfect-in-every-way older sister Isabela.
astrology for writers 7 likes 16 Apr 22
Hi friends. Before we dive into today’s newsletter on Bridgerton, Our Flag Means Death, and the Full Moon in Libra, a quick reminder: Today is the last day to sign up for my course, How to Write a Book Proposal. Deadline is 6pm Eastern. Hope to see you there!
astrology for writers 7 likes 06 Sep 21
Hi all, If you read this newsletter and want to help it grow (and support my work!), consider becoming a paid subscriber. The subscription includes a detailed guide to every month’s upcoming astrology and how it impacts writers. Best days to pitch or revise? It’s all in there. It also includes specialty newsletters on planetary events like major ingresses, Mercury Retrograde (coming up at the end of the month!), and more.
astrology for writers 7 likes 01 Apr 22
The writing is not coming as easily these days. It’s Aries season, and Mercury — the planet of communication, the planet that governs writers and our thought processes — is also in Aries, burning fast and furious. This is a setup for new insights, and theoretically, for some, probably quite a bit of new writing. But for me, focus has been fleeting, and the words are few.
astrology for writers 7 likes 28 Jan 21
Hi everyone, A quick housekeeping note before we jump in. Registration for my course Astrology for Writers: How to Make Your Writing Work For You closes in just four days on January 31st! If you’ve been on the fence, now is the time to make that leap! Use the code “solstice” for $100 off (an FYI - some folks let me know that they were having trouble with the code, and it’s all fixed now!).
astrology for writers 6 likes 13 Jun 22
Hi everyone, A few quick announcements! First: the much-loved Astrology for Writers: How to Make Your Writing Work For You course is dropping soon! Joining the waitlist is the best way to make sure you don’t miss the announcement. And also! For those following along with
astrology for writers 6 likes 12 Jan 21
For much of the last month, my apartment smelled of pine cones. I had impulsively purchased them at my local grocer here in Brooklyn — something seasonal, something to harken back to the country wilderness of my youth in the cityscape of my adulthood. Their scent quickly overwhelmed the wildly overpriced woodsy candles I burn 12 hours a day, every day.
astrology for writers 6 likes 12 Jul 22
Hi everyone, A quick reminder that my self-paced course Astrology for Writers: How to Make Your Writing Work for You will only be available for download until midnight tonight! If I’m totally realistic with myself, this is likely the last time the course will be released in 2022; with book promotion already kicking up (HERETIC comes out in October), I have a feeling that’s going to consume the rest of my calendar year.
astrology for writers 6 likes 02 Jan 21
Hi friends, Astrologically, there isn’t anything particularly profound about the clock striking midnight, pushing us over into a new year. Personally, I celebrate the new year on the winter solstice; other traditions celebrate the first New Moon of the calendar year (sometimes called the Chinese New Year), which this year is the New Moon in Capricorn on January 13th. But there is something undeniable around the collective energy we all put into the transition from one year into the next.
astrology for writers 6 likes 14 Sep 21
Mecca Woods is the kind of astrologer who takes the horoscope off the page and into your everyday life. She does, and has done, it all. TV? Check. (TLC’s Stargazing.) Podcasts? Check — her long-running Stars on Fire, with fellow Sag astrologer Janelle Belgrave, is one of the best out there. You can find her astrological savvy on jazz albums and even on beer bottles.
astrology for writers 5 likes 29 Nov 20
Hi all, This one breaks form for the first time in the history of the newsletter. We’re still talking about the oncoming eclipse season, the first of which is Monday, November 30th, and there are still writing prompts for your sign down at the bottom if you’d like to skip. But we’re opening with some personal writing — hope you enjoy.
astrology for writers 5 likes 18 Aug 20
New Moon in Leo August 18, 10:42 PM ET The New Moon in Leo arrives with all the energy of a coronation. Leo energy is king shit: the King of Wands in the tarot, quite literally—all passionate, bold fire, incapable of staying in their seat, needing to get up and move and make shit
astrology for writers 5 likes 05 Feb 19
Welcome to astrology for busy bitches! Thank you for your patience; many of you know that this first newsletter was supposed to go out yesterday. It was delayed due to a variety of backend issues, which are now thankfully worked out. However! To express extra gratitude for your patience, today’s newsletter is
astrology for writers 5 likes 14 Nov 20
The New Moon in Scorpio arrives in the dead of night, just after midnight here on the East Coast (12:07a on November 15th). New Moons are, generally, a time to begin, but in Scorpio, that is not so much the case. The moon, generally, craves the creation of safety, of nurturing: at home in the connective waters of Cancer, exalted in the fertile fields of Taurus. But Scorpio is a sign that just wants to compost, to sort through what in our lives is going through a period of rot and decay, that is more invested in challenging and understanding our relationship to power than in messages of unity.
astrology for writers 5 likes 02 Oct 20
Hi everyone, I am continuing to tinker with how best to present the information in this letter, which, for the new paid subscribers (welcome & thank you!) always goes out at the top of the month. Perpetually trying to organize this for you in the most helpful way, especially for those of you who copy/paste the notes into your calendars! Feedback is alway…