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jonn's top posts of all time

By hacker news affinity
jonn 25 likes 08 Feb 23
This week: could the Tories really go the way of the dinosaurs? Also: some English counties that are more than one county; and a map of rising sea levels to play with.
jonn 21 likes 17 May 23
This week: the housing election looms at last. Also: some notes on Australia’s big things, and a map of British cities by popularity.
jonn 17 likes 22 Feb 23
This week: no religious people have not been barred from public life, don’t be silly. Also, some adverts I really hope they wouldn’t make now; and a map of eel(?) rents(?!?).
jonn 16 likes 10 May 23
This week: why the local election results show Labour is still comfortably headed for government. Also, some curious notes on the history of measurement.
jonn 15 likes 26 Apr 23
This week: how the home of London’s government tells a story of national decline; why the poet Homer couldn’t see the colour blue; and the curse of protected views.
jonn 14 likes 05 Apr 23
This week: the true meaning, and lack thereof, of “failing organisation”; a new, old way of looking at history; and one of the most baffling maps of Britain I have ever seen.
jonn 13 likes 08 Mar 23
This week: Boris Johnson inadvertently makes the case for Lords reform, some notes on the Holy Roman Empire, and a map of the long lost tram network of Leeds.
jonn 13 likes 04 Jan 23
This week: why do we count this miserable time of year as “new” anyway? Why does Rishi Sunak still believe he’s winning? Some more things Henry Scampi is scared of; and some maps of city height.
jonn 13 likes 21 Dec 22
This week: look, I am also bored of writing about Britain being broken, but it is, isn’t it? Sorry. Also: a map of Europe’s megalopolis-es; and why is The Traitors so compelling?
jonn 13 likes 25 Jan 23
This week: why it’s Brexit’s fault the government of the undead keeps going; better things to say instead of “Edinburgh is west of Bristol”; and England’s centre of gravity continues its march south.
jonn 12 likes 03 May 23
This week: the local elections are finally here, oh joy, oh rapture. Also: some notes on extremely big empires, and a map of an extremely populated region.
jonn 12 likes 12 Apr 23
Also this week: how many colours can a metro map have? And a gif of the absurdity of English government.
jonn 11 likes 15 Feb 23
This week: the trouble with centrism; in search of the most densely populated patch of Great Britain; and some notes on clouds.
jonn 11 likes 24 May 23
This week: some number crunching on UK electoral history, some notes on a list of lists of lists, and, finally, that new rail map of Birmingham.
jonn 11 likes 01 Mar 23
This week: it’s time to weaponise NIMBYism; the Bethnal Green tube disaster; and all roads lead to Rome.
jonn 10 likes 01 Feb 23
This week: some notes on support for strike action; some extremely old things named “new”; and what Americans really think about Europe.
jonn 10 likes 15 Mar 23
This week: a tale of two infrastructure investments; some notes on the popularity of surnames; and why is north not where we think it is?
jonn 10 likes 22 Mar 23
This week: what does Boris Johnson actually think he is playing at? Also: the unnerving southern-ness of Canada; and I have some thoughts about Crossrail.
jonn 7 likes 31 May 23
This week: some jokes on decline, some notes on borders, and some people who Henry Kissinger has outlived.
jonn 7 likes 25 Mar 23
On the proposed naming of the London Overground lines.
jonn 6 likes 02 Nov 22
This week: why is Suella Braverman; are e-bikes really better than public transport; and some notes on sleeper trains.
jonn 6 likes 18 Jan 23
This week: how we create our own monsters; how we create our own poodles; and a fresh take on the Tube Map.
jonn 5 likes 22 Dec 21
So, this is Christmas: on being sick of the entire country being run as an arm of the Tory party. Also this week, some Christmas songs, fact-checked; and a Dickensian population map of sorts.
jonn 5 likes 05 Oct 22
This week: what the hell is wrong with Liz Truss? Also, some important notes on Britain’s only funicular tram; and I get mad about golf, all over again.
jonn 5 likes 31 Aug 22
This week, some thoughts regarding the end of civilisation in Britain. Also some notes on the London place name shortage; and a map of Europe’s soil quality.
jonn 5 likes 24 Aug 22
The British government isn’t asleep at the controls: it doesn’t exist at all. Also this week, everything I learned from ScotRail’s 2,400 pre-recorded announcements; and a map of these islands’ rivers.
jonn 4 likes 26 Oct 22
This week, Britain has a new government, how often does that happen, wow! Also, the internet has broken our brains, and a new way of measuring city size.
jonn 4 likes 14 Sep 22
This week: look, sorry, I’m writing about the monarchy, what did you expect? There’s a good map at the bottom, though.
jonn 4 likes 22 Jun 22
This week: after 12 years in power, do the Tories really think they can blame strikes on Labour? Why does “parkway” mean “station” in Britain, but “road” in America? Plus, some fun with growth rates.