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The Land Desk 4 likes 28 May 21
A deeper dive into Glen Canyon Dam Data and an excerpt from Behind the Slickrock Curtain
The Land Desk 3 likes 17 Sep 21
House on Fire, an Ancestral Puebloan structure in southeastern Utah, is not particularly significant from an archaeological standpoint. The architecture, while robust enough to still be intact a millennium later, does not stand out, nor do archaeologists believe that the site had significance as a trading, political, or ceremonial center in its time.
The Land Desk 3 likes 19 Nov 21
As I write this, a fire rages outside of Estes Park, Colorado, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Residents were forced to flee their homes. A pilot died when the single-engine tanker plane he was flying to fight the fire crashed. The fire—like many of the massive blazes in California this summer—was sparked by electricity utility equipment.