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The Fintech Blueprint 1 HN points 29 Dec 21
Hi Fintech futurists -- Welcome, dear reader, to our 2021 retrospective. If you haven’t yet, this is the last time to take advantage of our holiday offer below. See you on the other side! In Review Over the last year, we have done a major housekeeping effort of tagging all our content according to thematics. Let us consider those categories here:
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The Fintech Blueprint 29 likes 14 Sep 22
Gm Fintech Architects — Today we are diving into the following topics: Summary: It is easy to fall into the trap of ignoring certain information, or expecting breakthroughs only from your favorite sources. After a while, we confirm too much of what we believe, and ignore too much of what we don’t understand. In this take, we focus on our own blindspots around innovation from incumbents, and revisit developments from Apple in iOS 16 around BNPL and identity. We also check in on AI-based art, and reconnect to earlier themes around machine generated creativity.
The Fintech Blueprint 29 likes 21 Sep 22
Gm Fintech Architects — Today we are diving into the following topics: Summary: We look at the Bain Capital report about embedded finance growing to $7T in flows by 2026, and the recent OCC moves to regulate the evolution of fintech and crypto banking. This jumping off point helps us understand the process by which new things become popular, gain a mandate, and then cause an opposite reaction from their counter forces. We also touch on the SEC looking to gain jurisdiction over ETH post Merge, the White House working on a digital asset framework, and the OCC’s blocking of stablecoin based banking.
The Fintech Blueprint 22 likes 17 Jun 22
Hi Fintech Architects — This week we are reflecting on the year, and sharing 5 of the most significant and popular podcasts so far. These conversations should anchor you to think about fundamentals over the long term, rather than short-term market volatility.
The Fintech Blueprint 21 likes 15 Nov 21
Gm Fintech Futurists — our agenda for today is below. FINANCIAL METAVERSE: Forte Closes Additional $725 Million in Funding to Extend Its Lead in Building a Compliant, Interoperable Blockchain Gaming Platform (link here) NFTs: NFT Artist Beeple’s First Physical Sculpture Fetches About $28.9 Million (link
The Fintech Blueprint 21 likes 23 May 22
Gm Fintech Futurists — our agenda for today is below. You are the best. PAYTECH: Block rival SpotOn raises $300M at $3.6B valuation (link here) DEFI: Nansen acquires DeFi investment tracker Ape Board (link here) OPEN BANKING: Plaid expands into identity and income verification, fraud prevention and account funding (link
The Fintech Blueprint 20 likes 20 Jan 20
Hi Fintech futurists -- In the long take this week, I dig deeply into the $5.3 billion acquisition of data aggregator Plaid by $500 billion payments network Visa. We examine why this deal is worth 25-50x revenue, while Yodlee's sale to Envestnet was priced much lower. We also look at how Plaid could be an existential threat to Visa, and why paying 1% of marketcap to protect 200 million accounts may be a good bet. Broader implications for product manufacturers across payments, investments, and banking also emerge -- the middle is getting carved out, and infrastructure providers like Visa or BlackRock are moving closer to the consumer.
The Fintech Blueprint 19 likes 08 Nov 21
Dear readers — Today we extend a warm Fintech welcome to the subscribers of Digital Wealth Week. DWW is a great newsletter focusing on the latest in digital investing technology and the wealth / asset management industries. We have recently joined forces with them under the Fintech Blueprint banner. As a result, we are adding a weekly email to our content calendar that includes focus on those topics, which you can adjust in your Substack profile. For instructions and a tutorial, please see our
The Fintech Blueprint 18 likes 29 Aug 22
Hi Fintech Futurists — You are the best, today’s agenda below. CRYPTO: Coinbase Announces cbETH Wrapped Ethereum Staking Token (link here) NEOBANK: YC-backed Zywa, a neobank for Gen Z, raises $3M to expand across MENA (link here) WEB3: Banking behemoth MUFG invests in Animoca Brands Japan’s $45 million raise (link
The Fintech Blueprint 18 likes 26 Dec 22
Hi Fintech Futurists — Given the holiday break this week we are combining the Short Takes and Web3 Weekly, giving you all the top news across fintech and Web3 in one place. Here’s that handy upgrade button to access the Long Takes — a rigorous view on the future of our industry. Level up your Fintech and DeFi knowledge. 👇👇👇
The Fintech Blueprint 18 likes 18 Jan 23
Gm Fintech Architects — We are going to take a break from the *Build It* series for this week, and parse a weird but important topic. Summary: Today we are going cover JP Morgan spending $175MM on Frank, the … frankly fraudulent … financial aid fintech. We look at the topics of student lending, the cost of acquiring customers, and explore why JPM would want to own this asset. The interesting bit, however, is trying to figure out how Frank faked 4 million accounts. This connects to the current trends in generative AI, and in particular the attempts of building out synthetic humans at scale — people who seem real, but aren’t. Those may populate video games and the metaverse, but also fraudulent sales of neobanks.
The Fintech Blueprint 17 likes 25 Oct 22
Gm Fintech Futurists — Welcome to our Web3 newsletter, covering DeFi, digital assets, NFTs, and the emergence of the financial metaverse. Today we highlight the following: DEFI & DIGITAL ASSETS: Aave Releases Technical Details Of GHO Stablecoin, and Near Protocol’s USN Stablecoin Shut Down After Suffering $40M ‘Collateral Gap’