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Matt Ehret's Insights 23 likes 26 Sep 22
I recently published an essay (and short documentary) titled ‘Why Assume There Will be a 2024 Election?’ featuring the courageous intervention by a patriotic American General Smedley Butler who risked everything to stop a fascist coup d’etat sponsored by Wall Street financiers in 1934.
Matt Ehret's Insights 17 likes 29 Sep 22
In this week's episode of the Great Game, V, CJ and I break down the real story behind the sabotage of Nord Stream 1 and 2 which will lead to thousands of deaths this winter and the accelerated shutdown of the already feeble trans-Atlantic economy. We also address the strange connection between Ted Kaczynski (aka: The Unabomber) and the rise of eco-terrorism across the world which have a strange relationship with neocon unipolarists and transhumanists which may surprise you.
Matt Ehret's Insights 4 likes 28 Sep 22
This Wednesday September 28 at 8pm Eastern Time, The Rising Tide Foundation weekly workshop will continue working through Hamilton’s Report on Manufactures (download the original text here). To access the previous workshop recordings, click here. Click on the link below to access the reading/discussion live:
Matt Ehret's Insights 2 likes 28 Sep 22
Greetings to my paid subscribers, Due to some intense deadlines, this week's Hamilton workshop will be postponed until next week. In lieu of this reading, I highly suggest watching American System Now president Nancy Spannaus' recent presentation on Hamilton (the Man vs the Myth)