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maxburns's top posts of all time

By hacker news affinity
maxburns 11 likes 02 May 23
With Tucker Carlson out at 8 p.m., Fox News is hemorrhaging viewers and influence. For Fox's Lawrence Jones, a tryout in primetime is anything but a blessing.
maxburns 11 likes 23 Feb 23
Red states are pushing new, dangerous restrictions on abortion and contraception. Why has the national media stopped caring?
maxburns 10 likes 29 Dec 22
Congressman-elect George Santos is a fictional character crafted from self-serving lies. He's also the poster child for the sickness destroying the GOP.
maxburns 9 likes 18 Jan 23
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul tried to strongarm her own party into giving her a judge. Her failure speaks volumes about how the State Senate has changed.