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Michael Shellenberger 636 HN points 08 Jun 22
Dear Friends and Allies, I am sad to say we did not receive enough votes to make the run-off election in November. At the same time, I am proud of the movement we built to rescue our shared humanity, and excited about what we will do together next. I am disappointed that I will not be able to compete with Gov. Gavin Newsom over rival visions for addressing California’s challenges, but congratulate him and Sen. Brian Dahle on their victory. I hope their campaigns engage substantively on our most pressing issues.
Michael Shellenberger 500 HN points 20 Jun 22
He was elected with more votes than any other president in American history. Why, then, after just 18 months in office, is Biden so unpopular?
Michael Shellenberger 407 HN points 07 Mar 22
Over the last few weeks I have been making the point on Twitter and to television audiences that Europe empowered Putin to invade Ukraine by becoming dependent on him for energy. You can watch one segment here: Many people were surprised to learn that Europe produced more natural gas than Russia 15 years ago. Then, two things happened. First, Russia built nuclear plants so it could export its natural gas abroad, rather than use it at home to produce natural gas. Second, Europe reduced its natural gas production, including from fracking, under pressure from climate activists. It now turns out that some of those anti-fracking activists were funded by Putin.
Michael Shellenberger 252 HN points 26 May 22
For decades, people have claimed that homelessness is just a housing problem. Sure, many also have substance use and mental illness issues. But if we just give homeless people their own own studio apartments, and decriminalize public camping, drugs, and shoplifting, the problem will go away, many claimed.