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mross 10 HN points 30 May 22
As time progresses I am hoping to cover all aspects of innovation. Although I am an engineer by vocation and training, I think it is very important to observe innovation in other industries. In later newsletters, I will be sharing stories of how some of my outside interests helped spark innovation on products I have worked on.
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mross 7 HN points 30 May 22
Nearly every company has a similar hiring process: Post an open position with a description of the role List a bunch of job requirements and skills Filter all applications through human resources Once a resume lands in the inbox of human resources it is usually filtered against a set of listed skills and so forth. Sadly, this is also probably one of the biggest stifling factors in innovation at most companies. Innovation doesn't know a skill set, rank, salary range or even a particular college degree. Innovations requires two things: talent and ability.
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mross 0 HN points 30 May 22
Mr. Watson come here, I want you History tells us that quote was the first utterance made over a telephone line by Alexander Graham Bell on March 10, 1876. Innovation happens with small firsts just like that. Sometimes the tiniest thing can be the most significant. Or perhaps a small accidental thing like dropping a telephone receiver on the floor can lead to a major breakthrough. Yes, accidental innovation happens!
mross 0 HN points 08 Jun 22
A few decades ago I was working as a software engineer at a casino gaming company. I had been tasked with helping to write the software for a game based on a popular rock n roll bad. The game had been designed by an outside company. My team's job was to simply write the software and follow the design as it was given to us.
mross 0 HN points 30 May 22
Welcome Welcome, and greetings to all. This is my first edition of my newsletter on Substack! For those who are unfamiliar with my newsletter, each week I present a story about innovation. I tell a tale from my professional experience with the hopes of inspiring a new generation of innovators.
mross 0 HN points 29 May 22
This is Innovation Chronicles, a newsletter about Innovation in industry.
mross 0 HN points 30 May 22
Innovation Can Often Lead Us To Reinvent Ourselves Two decades ago, I lead a very different life. I was living in a North East metropolitan area and working for a major telecommunications company. My job was in R & D in what was then referred to as a "
mross 0 HN points 30 May 22
This week’s story is about initiative and how it relates to innovation. Many years ago, I was a young and impressionable engineer. I sought out professional role models. In my mind a role model is someone who is an example to be imitated. In my early career mindset a role model was also a template for career success.