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Newcomer 31 likes 21 Jun 22
Sequoia Capital still maintains massive public positions in Unity and DoorDash whose stocks have plummeted 80% and 75% respectively from their all-time highs
Newcomer 17 likes 27 Jul 21
Bessemer Venture Partners is a thoughtful firm in a world of loose money.
Newcomer 15 likes 20 Nov 20
Seed investors and the company's founders saw their stakes in DoorDash diluted as SoftBank flooded the company with money and as Sequoia held firm.
Newcomer 13 likes 04 Dec 20
The New Yorker's venture capital broadside, Jill Hazelbaker's ascendancy, and Google's tumultuous ethical AI team.
Newcomer 13 likes 11 Nov 20
DoorDash's Tony Xu won the food delivery wars. He's just getting started. Airbnb's Brian Chesky needs to prove he has another magical trick up his sleeve.
Newcomer 13 likes 06 Nov 20
SPAC Series Part 1: How Chamath Palihapitiya ignited Silicon Valley's obsession with an unusual financial mechanism to take companies public.
Newcomer 11 likes 09 Dec 20
Cockroach and Workato secretly raised pricey rounds from Altimeter. I explore funky happenings in early stage investing. And I reflect on the bubble that never popped.
Newcomer 11 likes 14 Apr 21
How Adam Draper & Garry Tan, two of Coinbase's earliest investors, struck crypto gold.
Newcomer 10 likes 02 Nov 20
Uber flooded the ride sharing business with cash only to pull the rug out from drivers. But voting against the California ballot initiative won't undo that damage.