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Noah’s Newsletter 28 HN points 25 May 22
On 14th May, an 18 year-old white man named Payton Gendron gunned down ten people (all of whom were black) and injured three others in Buffalo, New York – the country’s latest racially motivated mass shooting. As is common in these kinds of atrocities, the shooter published a lengthy “manifesto” outlining his ideology and the reasons for his attack. (The manifesto also includes 96 pages describing in forensic detail the weapons and gear that he used.) In short, he was a white nationalist and anti-Semite who wanted to kill “replacers”.
Noah’s Newsletter 19 HN points 03 May 22
Katharine Birbalsingh is the media-savvy headmistress of Michaela – a successful London charter school often described as the “strictest school in Britain”. During a meeting of parliament’s Science and Technology Committee last week, she was asked why girls are “not choosing physics in the same proportion as boys”. (About 4% of girls
Noah’s Newsletter 1 HN points 18 May 22
In the debate over why Russia invaded Ukraine, I place myself in the camp who believe NATO expansion was a key factor. Call this the “Mearsheimer camp”, after its foremost champion, John Mearshsimer. I was therefore disappointed – while watching a recent