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117 implied HN points 16 May 23
  1. Focus on creating rather than just consuming
  2. Writing can help in integrating thoughts and viewpoints
  3. It's okay for interests and topics to evolve in personal projects
78 implied HN points 28 Jul 23
  1. The author launched a consulting business and received multiple opportunities
  2. The author pulled The Tower tarot card twice, representing major upheaval and change
  3. The author is embracing change and leading their own path with excitement
78 implied HN points 19 Jul 23
  1. Using a TikTok filter to see your aged self can help you save for the future.
  2. Connecting with your future self can lead to better retirement savings, improved health, and greater life satisfaction.
  3. Envisioning yourself as you age can motivate you to make positive changes in the present.
78 implied HN points 26 May 23
  1. Starting a newsletter can lead to a shift in mindset, sparking new ideas and connections.
  2. Becoming a 'serendipiter' involves being open to unexpected discoveries and connections.
  3. Believing in your ability to find happy surprises can help you become a 'super-encounterer.'
39 implied HN points 09 Jun 23
  1. Organize your to-do list by different roles in your life
  2. Prioritize joy by making it a specific role in your to-do list
  3. Tackle the tasks you dislike by adding them to a 'Frog' role and addressing them regularly
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