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The Odin Times 2 likes 22 Sep 21
How ICONIQ has leveraged an unparalleled network, spanning Hollywood and Silicon Valley, to build a market-beating venture firm. A guest post from Akash Bajwa.
The Odin Times 2 likes 12 Dec 21
A conversation with Sahil Lavingia about his journey, business philosophy and world view, plus the usual summary of funny and interesting stuff I've read recently.
The Odin Times 1 likes 13 Feb 22
To understand a person's behaviour, we must understand their culture and upbringing. A nation state is no different.
The Odin Times 1 likes 16 Jan 22
A conversation with Cyrus Yari and Iman Olya, co-hosts of the Rational VC podcast
The Odin Times 1 likes 14 Nov 21
Shorting the US government, stem cell babies, and a conversation with my cofounder Mary Lin about the future of community and government
The Odin Times 0 likes 21 Nov 21
Mental models to navigate the increasing complexity of investing in new technologies, plus the usual best of tech Twitter this week.
The Odin Times 0 likes 06 Feb 22
Myths about VC, new power and funny stuff from tech twitter