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PETITION 1 likes 17 Oct 21
Florida-based Gulf Coast Health Care LLC and 61 affiliates (the “debtors”) is the latest in a string of skilled nursing facilities to wind its way into chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. The debtors filed in the District of Delaware. Some specs: 📍The debtors operate 28 SNFs across FL, GA and MI. They have 3350 licensed beds.
PETITION 1 likes 17 Oct 21
Red River Waste Solutions LP, a TX-based family-run waste management services company that services more than 310k households and commercial locations across the Southern and Midwestern US, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Northern District of Texas earlier this week, continuing the theme of relatively small cases ending up in bankruptcy courts ac…
PETITION 1 likes 17 Oct 21
We told you so. Back in June, we profiled NJ-based Teligent Inc. ($TLGT) and noted how the specialty generics pharmaceutical company was … well … as we put it then … “total trash.” Now it, and three of its affiliates are chapter 11 bankruptcy filers in the District of Delaware.