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Pulte’s Money and Life Thoughts 4 likes 06 May 22
Trust and your word are one of the only things you have in this world that you have full control over. Once you break either of those it is nearly impossible for others to forget. No matter how much money you have, if you are not a person of your word and you break people’s trust you will not go far in life. You may be able to con or trick people in the…
Pulte’s Money and Life Thoughts 4 likes 27 May 22
I want to start this week's post off with saying how sorry I am for the loss of the 21 children and teachers in Texas. It is truly heartbreaking and as a father I can not even imagine the pain these families must be feeling. When I heard the story I knew that I wanted to help these families. The response from the team has been overwhelming.
Pulte’s Money and Life Thoughts 3 likes 29 Apr 22
Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting some of our teammates on Twitter and it was an amazing experience. I love when I get to connect with you all outside of Twitter and learn more about different members of the team. One of our teammates drove over 4 hours to meet with us!
Pulte’s Money and Life Thoughts 2 likes 13 May 22
When you have a lot going on in your life it's easy to let your emotions rule your decision making. So often people make rash decisions that they wouldn’t otherwise make when they are having a hard time or under a lot of stress. This can lead to future regret.
Pulte’s Money and Life Thoughts 2 likes 20 May 22
Life has a way of offering opportunities, but you have to be brave enough to take them. Oftentimes when presented with a new opportunity or the idea of doing something different people will either immediately dismiss the idea entirely or will day dream about it, but ultimately turn it down. The reason for this is fear of the unknown and discomfort.