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Richard Hanania's Newsletter 468 HN points 23 Sep 22
Welcome to my first paywalled post! This is bittersweet. More money, but I feel like a sellout. I justify it by saying that I make the main stuff available for free and this is bonus. But I still feel pangs of guilt. Please consider becoming a paid subscriber to help assuage these complicated feelings I have.
Richard Hanania's Newsletter 447 HN points 14 Oct 22
First of all, I’d like everyone to know that Rob Henderson and I are going to do some podcasts on the new Jeffrey Dahmer miniseries on Netflix. It’s about a gay white guy who eats black men, so there will be a lot to talk about. I’m also about to start the last season of The Shield, which I’m probably going to do a show with Andreessen on. So, if you’d be interested in listening to those conversations, and you haven’t seen the Dahmer miniseries or The Shield, I’m giving you a heads up so can have time to watch them beforehand.
Richard Hanania's Newsletter 436 HN points 20 Apr 22
The first Texas Dream Series event at the University of Texas, Austin is scheduled for next week. Philippe Lemoine will be talking about The Poverty of Epidemiology on Wednesday, April 27, at 4PM central time. I plan to be in attendance for future events, but for this one I’ll only be able to make it by Zoom. See his fascinating work on the subject on his
Richard Hanania's Newsletter 421 HN points 12 Sep 22
This week, I had Tyler Cowen on the CSPI podcast. We started by talking about his new book with Daniel Gross called Talent: How to Identify Energizers, Creatives, and Winners Around the World. Then we move on to a wide variety of topics, including “State Capacity Libertarianism,”
Richard Hanania's Newsletter 388 HN points 04 Dec 21
I have a book review of The Afghanistan Papers by Craig Whitlock up at Reason. For more context, see my collection of Afghanistan content. In it, I use the metaphor of “a big, dumb machine” to explain the war in Afghanistan, but I think it applies to American foreign policy more generally.
Richard Hanania's Newsletter 376 HN points 07 Oct 22
I had a fascinating conversation this week with Chris Nicholson on the war in Ukraine. Our discussion took place Monday, and I think everything that’s happened since then has only confirmed his analysis. It looks like not everyone whosubscribes to the newsletter gets the e-mail alert for the podcasts, so I’m flagging this here in case anyone missed it. Make sure to subscribe to Narrative Control, which is the podcast connected to this Substack that you can get on Apple, Spotify, etc.
Richard Hanania's Newsletter 305 HN points 21 Oct 22
In case you missed it, I talked to Chris Nicholson this week about whether and how China could conquer Taiwan. It’s paywalled for a week, at which point I’ll release it to everyone. See here for the audio, and here for the video and transcript. The video includes us looking at maps and other cool things, so check it out if you’re interested. Here’s
Richard Hanania's Newsletter 294 HN points 19 Jan 22
Robert Wright is one of the sharpest foreign policy analysts out there, and I recommend everyone read his newsletter. I was glad to sit down with him on The Wright Show to talk about my new book. You can get notes of the conversation by clicking on the YouTube link and going to the website, where you can jump to different areas of the discussion.
Richard Hanania's Newsletter 294 HN points 14 Jan 22
I’ll be at Dreamland in Dripping Springs, TX, on Wednesday, January 19th at 6:30 PM to talk about my book Public Choice Theory and the Illusion of Grand Strategy. It’s about half an hour outside Austin. My friends Bryan Caplan and Razib Khan will be there. Schedule is as follows.
Richard Hanania's Newsletter 229 HN points 20 Sep 21
I have an article in The New York Times today, drawing on my previous post “Tetlock and the Taliban.” See also my interview with Robin Hanson, and collection of Afghanistan content for some background. Much has been written about what the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan means for the future of that country and America’s global standing. But the failures of the war reveal a need for deeper introspection into what has gone wrong with American democracy and its institutions — including the story of failed expertise.
Richard Hanania's Newsletter 208 HN points 25 May 22
Chris Nicholson is back to talk about the mid-season finale of Better Call Saul. Last week our discussion was on Callin, which you can find here. This week, we talk about our reaction to the last episode, the underlying philosophy of the show, that of its main protagonists, and its outlook on human nature. Near the end, we speculate on how the show will end. For our original discussion about the Breaking Bad universe, see
Richard Hanania's Newsletter 158 HN points 07 Jan 22
On Tuesday, I was on Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar to discuss my new book. As of this writing, it’s still number 1 among new releases in political science on Kindle, as it was when I wrote this tweet a few days ago. This experience made me look into what it’s like to self-publish, and Kindle says they give you up to
Richard Hanania's Newsletter 113 HN points 26 Dec 21
On the latest Narrative Control podcast, I discuss the film Patton (1970) with Rob Henderson. We talk about what it's like in 2021 trying to understand a movie released in 1970 portraying the America of the Second World War. The discussion also addresses the military's role in society; what the movie tells us about American culture during WWII and in the generation after; and divisions between elites and the masses in the US across time.