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rupeshm 2 HN points 20 May 23
Thanks for the overwhelming response to my newsletter Overflow! Here’s the first post on Microservices - let’s get started! "Hundreds of files with tightly coupled business logic! The search engine, transaction management, payments and other complex functionalities of an application were bundled in the single codebase. I had to make one quick change in one module and get away with it! Most of my time was spent in finding the correct function, and running unit and integration tests since each of the dependent functionalities needed to be checked. The coding part took just a few minutes. I was still not confident in deploying my change in production because of the complexity and inter-dependencies between different modules."
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rupeshm 0 likes 29 May 23
You might have heard the buzzword Microservices in many engineering talks and conferences. Most of the big companies have started with monolithic architecture and then moved to microservices to host applications at scale. Netflix and Uber started with monolithic and then moved to the microservices pattern.