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ryandv 1 HN points 06 Mar 23
I'm going to shamelessly copy/x-post a previous entry I made on The Motte, and then follow up with some impromptu thoughts on GitHub Copilot: I find the use of language models and other current generation AI technologies to write, an abhorrent practice.
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ryandv 0 likes 15 Mar 23
Practicing a written piece on the piano is a humbling process, especially when one records a recitation of the piece & listens back to it at a later time; perhaps it is the voice of the inner critic that speaks loudest, but instantly, all the tiny imperfections, false starts and stutters stick out like a hangnail. One's first instinct would be to correct the mistake in post - perhaps re-record just that one passage containing that fatal flaw, airbrush one's lack of musicianship & virtuosity to correct their melodic blemishes.