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Pirate Wires's top posts of the month

By hacker news affinity
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Pirate Wires 191 likes 01 Sep 23
pirate wires #104 // looking back on proposition c, tech's san francisco turning point, "doom loop" analysis, a well-paved path to eternal homelessness, and how to solve the crisis
Pirate Wires 154 likes 05 Sep 23
pirate wires #105 // the internet made up a group of people at a version of burning man that doesn't exist, then celebrated a catastrophe that didn't happen. it was really weird and embarrassing.
Pirate Wires 72 likes 22 Sep 23
pirate wires #106 // apple's plan for carbon "neutrality," the distinction between environmentalism and combatting global warming, breaking up with the ferngully left, and back to techno utopia
Pirate Wires 22 likes 12 Sep 23
biden's potential "remain in texas" policy for migrants puts the crisis out of sight, out of mind for his progressive voter bloc — just as they like it