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3 implied HN points 14 Jul 23
  1. When creating a new feature, start by setting up a new module and routing for future scalability.
  2. For heavier business logic and reusable methods, it's good practice to create a service that handles HTTP requests and connects components.
  3. To display data in components, use Observables to subscribe and get the latest data updates efficiently.
2 HN points 19 Jul 23
  1. Test-Driven Development (TDD) involves writing tests before writing business logic.
  2. The Red-Green approach in TDD focuses on writing a failing test (red) and then adding code to pass the test (green).
  3. The Arrange-Act-Assert pattern is used in Angular testing to set up conditions, perform actions, and make assertions about the code.
1 HN point 11 Jul 23
  1. The author is creating a recipe sharing app called Potluck, where users can create, tag, rate recipes, and generate shopping lists.
  2. The tech stack for the app includes Angular on the client side, ASP.NET Core Web API on the server side, and Microsoft Azure for deployment.
  3. The client architecture emphasizes separation of concerns, lazy-loading modules, core modules for one-time features, and shared modules for reusable components.