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valentinfoucault 6 HN points 06 Jun 22
One of the best ways to do a complete review of your startup project and identify its potential weaknesses is to fill a Y Combinator application. For those who haven’t heard of YC, it’s often considered as the world’s best startup accelerator, having launched more than 3000 companies such as Airbnb, Stripe, Doordash, Coinbase, or Dropbox.
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valentinfoucault 3 HN points 29 Jun 22
Product Management is difficult. Especially when you’re just starting out, there are a wide range of things you need to understand and skills you need to acquire in order to become good at your job. Wether you’re a Product Manager or simply a startup founder in charge of Product, I’ve selected for you 7 resources that were the most influential for me and that should help you to get started in this field.
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valentinfoucault 2 HN points 23 Jun 22
Here’s a mistake I previously made which may kill your startup. This is a hard but necessary lesson I learned back when I was building my previous startup Freed with my cofounder Kamil Debbagh. To give you some context, Freed was a Chrome extension and mobile app that was aimed at helping you finally get meaningful work done by ending unwanted interruptions during your day and preventing the major social media platforms from wasting your time.
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valentinfoucault 1 HN points 10 Jun 22
There are 4 risks you absolutely need to tackle before building any product idea. If you’re in charge of Product, your role is to identify and address them during the “discovery” phase, before moving on to the “delivery” phase. Most of them will be straightforward to tackle (especially if you’ve built something similar in the past already), but some of them will require more digging.
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