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vived 1 likes 01 Jun 22
1. The community tests Project Loom As expected, we received a veritable rash of texts about Project Loom. Many of them are really interesting, so we will start with a small selection. Let's start with a publication by Gunnar Morling. The piece was inspired by
vived 0 likes 09 Jun 22
1. What is MicroStream? We wrapped up our previous edition on the new version of Micronaut, and this week we have a follow-up to that. While we reported that the new version of the framework will include support for MicroStream in the form of a Micronaut module, there is another announcement:
vived 0 likes 15 Jun 22
1 - Who actually uses RX? Turns out it's not Netflix Today we'll start with some Twitter gossip. Sometimes in an ad hoc conversation, interesting facts can come out in an unexpected way - ones that can turn some commonly known industry facts on their head. It is likely that anyone who has ever used RxJava at some stage has come across the information that this library was created by Netflix. RxJava paved the way for other reactive programming projects. Its original version was created back in the days when nobody even planned Reactive Streams (only the 2.0 release introduced compatibility with this standard). So it's fair to say that it's Netflix we can thank for the boom in reactivity on the backend. So it will come as a surprise to many people that Netflix... has practically phased out reactivity already.
vived 0 likes 29 Jun 22
1. Why is Project Amber data-oriented programming? Of all the JVM projects, Amber is the one that gets probably the least community heart and is the least defined. Well, because what is this legendary "Developer Experience" or "productivity" that Amber stands for? The whole project is a kind of umbrella, under which basically everything could be hidden, and it is difficult to find a single term that would elegantly bind all the initiatives under it.
vived 0 likes 22 Jul 22
In addition to this surprising news, we also have for you the ins and outs of incremental compilation. And for those who still have flashbacks from Dec 2021 - Log4Shell will stay with us for long...