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wtheck 2 HN points 17 Jun 22
Today I was watching another Dall-E 2 video on YouTube. I usually leave these videos pretty impressed, but this time something stuck. If you are not into spending 20 minutes watching that, the summary is pretty simple: the team have all found Dall-E 2 to be pretty cool and wanted to see how the human counterpart (aka their illustrator, Tim), wound fair against it.
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wtheck 1 HN points 22 Jun 22
Let me start by saying that I am heavily invested in Bitcoin. Definitely more than it is reasonable for someone who prides himself on being skeptical and rational. I guess we all have our own personal collections, and mine is a shiny piece of algorithm that if unsuccessful will burn my economies together with my self-respect.
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wtheck 0 HN points 17 Jun 22
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