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zmay 1 HN points 27 Aug 21
Price is the result of future expectations, and right now the future expectation is that all NFTs will go up. On that note, I have a quick story to share about how I bought an NFT for $250 Monday night and then sold it for $3,300 three hours later.
HN comments
zmay 4 likes 29 Oct 21
There is a good chance that you leave this post wondering “Zak, what the hell are you doing in your free time?”. That would be fair. But hopefully this is still a fun and informative post. Also, to be clear, this is not financial advice: We are going to talk about borrowing from a site called abracadabra.money. Anyway, onward.
zmay 3 likes 25 May 22
Intro Software is eating the world. While you've likely heard this countless times, most people have little idea how software is developed and how a modern application is built. They may use a SaaS-based tool, but where did that tool/application come from? Most know that there is code running behind the scenes that some software engineers wrote that enables the website/application, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. Many different technologies allow this code to go from a programmer’s computer, to a person’s device, through an internet connection, and delivered continuously and without interruption. This post will help walk through how applications are developed and how the underlying technology that makes them possible works. The goal is to broadly show how applications are built, starting with the code and ending with the deployment, how the modern applications we take for granted come into existence.
zmay 2 likes 12 May 22
Besides being a fun word to say, what is FizzBuzz? If you’re a developer, you likely already know, as it’s purportedly a common interview question. While I have no idea of the truth of this, I have seen it spoken of as such; and have seen the task mentioned in courses as well as on programming-specific podcasts. With that in mind, a colleague who started learning to program had to implement it as part of a course. So, I thought:
zmay 2 likes 30 Jul 21
Today, I am excited to announce a new company – or at least the idea and framework for a new company. Introducing SeedSwipe, the “Tinder of Venture Investing”. Don’t worry, this isn’t about helping VCs find dates; however, the intent is to help VCs and startups find a match! My plan is to build all of this out in the open, starting with where the idea came from, what the idea is, current problems as I see them, why this idea solves some problems and, finally, the business model and long-term plan for the company. A few reasons for why I am building in the open:
zmay 1 likes 31 Jul 22
Wordle In reality, you can only play Wordle once a day. Anyway, I played Wordle the other day after I stopped playing for a while because I didn’t enjoy the time it took (I know, sad!). Now when I play, I try and solve it as quickly as possible, rather than in as few guesses as possible, so I don’t spend too much time on the game.
zmay 1 likes 30 Dec 21
If these posts are interesting to you, please subscribe: and share! Also, feel free to follow me on twitter: @azakmay Looking Back Be humble. Be curious. Be kind. Be helpful. Be genuine. These are the five most essential learnings from my past year assisting with my firms’ private investments. These are just good things to practice in life but are especially true in venture. People want to work with kind and curious people, so be that person – it should be the minimum expectation. With that in mind, I’d like to use this post to walk through some of the things that I have learned looking for deals this year as well as some of the mistakes that I have made along the way. Self-reflection is always critical, and I think being honest with oneself is the only way to improve. This post looks backward so that I can better move forward.
zmay 0 likes 06 Jan 22
If these posts are interesting to you, please subscribe: and share! Also, feel free to follow me on twitter: @azakmay A strange game. The only winning strategy is not to play. It turns out that sometimes the optimal strategy is not to participate. I came across such a game when scrolling Twitter a week ago: