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The Big Read 2021: War and Peace's top posts of the month

By hacker news affinity
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The Big Read 2021: War and Peace 36 likes 07 Jan 23
As my buddy Kyle said to me a few days ago, these first chapters of Lonesome Dove are a masterclass in characterization. We haven’t known our protagonists very long, but doesn’t it feel like we already know them pretty well? Not much has happened out of the gate (except for the somewhat surprising arrival of an old friend) here in the first six chapters,…
The Big Read 2021: War and Peace 4 likes 15 Jan 23
Note: I thought this final War and Peace newsletter had already been sent, but something in Substack’s system got messed up and it was sitting in email purgatory. I’ve rescued it and here’s my concluding thoughts on Tolstoy’s epic. What a year it’s been! Congratulations on making it this far; reading