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TechTalks • 58 implied HN points • 31 Jan 24
  1. Microsoft is forming a team to work on cheaper generative AI systems to reduce dependence on expensive models like LLMs.
  2. They are focusing on developing more efficient open-source models and small language models for edge devices.
  3. Efforts are being made to run generative models more efficiently by reducing parameter sizes, which can lead to cost savings in running LLMs.
Public Experiments • 154 HN points • 27 Jun 23
  1. Natural language interfaces for AI are challenging due to the vast degree of freedom in text input.
  2. Prompt engineering is crucial for effectively utilizing large language models to ensure correct and meaningful responses.
  3. For most users, interacting with AI systems through buttons and defined interfaces can lead to more efficient and seamless experiences compared to using natural language prompts.
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