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19 implied HN points 26 Sep 22
  1. The author created a tool called mathlang to simplify writing math on the computer.
  2. Initially, the author used different tools like Ultisnips and markdown for writing math but faced challenges with syntax errors in LaTeX.
  3. Mathlang aims to be a simpler, more readable language for writing LaTeX math compared to using raw LaTeX code.
0 implied HN points 08 Sep 22
  1. Blood relations are important as they are unchosen, providing a stable foundation in societies.
  2. Marriage is more than a declaration of love, it emphasizes the sacred union of two bloodlines.
  3. Rekindle relationships with relatives, understand the sacredness of marriage, and value blood relations for societal benefit.
0 implied HN points 15 Jan 24
  1. The Fermi Paradox questions the silence of the universe despite the possibility of abundant life.
  2. The simulation model considers different types of civilizations based on the Kardashev Scale.
  3. Assumptions and parameters are defined to determine the likelihood of different civilization types.
0 implied HN points 01 Dec 22
  1. Marriage is a natural desire for companionship and shared goals, beyond just physical intimacy.
  2. Marriage provides stability and engagement in relationships, with societal benefits like lower crime rates and happier families.
  3. Choosing the right spouse involves looking for shared morals, compatibility in life goals, good communication, mental stability, and overall aesthetics.
0 implied HN points 11 Oct 22
  1. Men are born free and equal in rights based on belief.
  2. Criticism of believers' practices and morality is driven by anti-religious sentiment.
  3. Morality is based on belief; non-believers may lack grounds to judge morality.
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0 implied HN points 26 Sep 22
  1. Fixing issues with pawn moves by considering board orientation
  2. Improving move handling by redefining Move struct and implementing new methods for Board
  3. Creating intermediary functions for different pieces to handle their movements in the chess game
0 implied HN points 26 Sep 22
  1. Create a new chess game using Go programming language
  2. Define the types and legal moves for different chess pieces
  3. Establish a way to store and change the board state
0 implied HN points 26 Sep 22
  1. Using a cache for common use cases in coding can sometimes be inefficient and unnecessary.
  2. Make sure comments in your code are meaningful and not redundant.
  3. Simplify complex code and optimize where it's important for code efficiency.
0 implied HN points 10 Sep 22
  1. Some male podcasters advocate traditional values like chastity for women only, but fall short in applying these values themselves.
  2. The reasoning behind female chastity is tied to evolutionary psychology and concerns about lineage and loyalty.
  3. Marriage goes beyond a transactional exchange; it's about connecting intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually with a partner and recognizing the sacredness of sex and the value of human life.
0 implied HN points 01 Jun 22
  1. Religion can be based on reason and rationality, not just belief
  2. The Quran is considered a miraculous text due to its inimitable form and style, historical assertions, and scientific knowledge
  3. Islam calls for submission to one God, offering reasons for belief and adherence
0 implied HN points 30 May 22
  1. The Islamic veil, also known as the hijab, is a highly debated and controversial topic in France.
  2. The veil in Islam serves to preserve a woman's modesty and to symbolize her faith.
  3. Arguments against the veil in public spaces often center around misconceptions regarding freedom of choice and secularism.
0 implied HN points 23 May 22
  1. The last sermon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) establishes rights to private property and security.
  2. Excessive usury was prohibited and forgiveness was emphasized.
  3. Complementary roles of husband and wife in Islamic marriage were affirmed, along with the importance of the Five Pillars of Islam.
0 implied HN points 22 May 22
  1. The history of Europe is rooted in unity through centuries of shared experiences and challenges.
  2. There is a call to draft a European constitution for a unified governance system.
  3. The vision is to create a strong, independent Europe that upholds human rights and balances global power dynamics.
0 implied HN points 21 Apr 21
  1. Emmanuel Macron is seen as a symbol of a sick democracy and not a true anti-system figure.
  2. Calls for Macron's resignation reflect a larger demand for systemic change and responsiveness to citizen demands.
  3. Macron is urged to stop demagoguery, listen to the people, and work towards meaningful systemic change.
0 implied HN points 06 Nov 23
  1. Capitalism has advantages like low prices and innovation but faces criticism for instability and reinforcing class divisions.
  2. Marxism critiques capitalism for class inequality and instability, but some aspects are less relevant in the modern economy.
  3. Islam offers economic regulations like Zakat, bans on Riba, and speculation, which could potentially address issues in capitalism.
0 implied HN points 15 May 23
  1. Fertility rates are dropping globally, impacting the need for past policies like China's one-child policy.
  2. There is a shift in political discourse blaming the general population instead of those in power.
  3. The author reflects on the loss of honor, duty, and morality in society, advocating for a return to these values.
0 implied HN points 02 May 23
  1. La Petite Bourgeoisie is a distinct social class with characteristics that separate it from the bourgeoisie.
  2. Members of the Petite Bourgeoisie are not as closely connected to political power as the Grande Bourgeoisie.
  3. The Petite Bourgeoisie is a heterogeneous social class that includes new rich, foreign bourgeois, fallen Grande Bourgeoisie, and long-standing bourgeois.
0 implied HN points 23 Apr 23
  1. Earth has advanced technology like space elevators and in-skin chips.
  2. The moon has lunar colonies and houses space research.
  3. Mars is a powerful civilization with its own culture and resources for independence.
0 implied HN points 23 Apr 23
  1. Companions of the Prophet are not infallible and could have flaws
  2. Hadith compilers, like Al Bukhari and Muslim, are not perfect and their hadith can contain contradictions
  3. It is important to understand and question hadith before using them to argue or make judgments
0 implied HN points 23 Apr 23
  1. Perception plays a crucial role in how we experience circumstances.
  2. Choosing to ignore external factors can lead to a sense of freedom.
  3. The struggle between our constructed self and natural instincts is a common human dilemma.
0 implied HN points 07 May 23
  1. Federalism is proposed as the most just way to organize society, with decentralized government and regional sovereignty.
  2. Democracy is emphasized with specific rules for presidential elections, separation of powers, and accountability mechanisms.
  3. Concrete political propositions include military independence, specific education policies, law enforcement measures, and constitutional rights.
0 implied HN points 03 Jul 23
  1. Consciousness involves a continuous flow of intermingling ideas that can lead to self-reflection.
  2. The human mind's ability to concentrate on specific thoughts within this mental chaos helps individuals make choices.
  3. Language plays a crucial role in transforming abstract sensations into concrete ideas, enabling communication and complex thinking.
0 implied HN points 10 Jul 23
  1. The West's historical foundation of liberal democracy places limits on the power of the popular vote
  2. Left-wing movements might support Muslims, but often focus on a racialist viewpoint rather than a true belief in solidarity
  3. The Right has historically opposed Muslims based on race or xenophobia, despite recent attempts to build bridges