ART⋂CODE explores the fusion of art and technology, focusing on creating art with AI to examine how technology shapes human perception and creativity. It navigates ethical considerations, personal experiences, and the distinction between authored and unauthored content in the age of AI, offering insights into the evolving landscape of digital art.

AI and Creativity Ethical Implications of AI in Art Authorship and AI Personal Data in Art Exhibitions and Performances Artistic Process and Inspiration Interactivity in Art Technological Dependency Emergent Technologies Critical Awareness in Artistic Practice

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6 implied HN points 16 Nov 23
  1. Upcoming solo exhibition titled Small Frame, Infinite Canvas at South Block Gallery, Glasgow from 1-23 December 2023
  2. The exhibition explores AI through glitch, mysticism, and personal memories
  3. The artwork is generated by a customized AI trained on the artist's personal archive of 25,000 photos, creating a unique visual world
6 implied HN points 23 Oct 23
  1. Artist Tim Murray-Browne is showcasing a new immersive AV work called 'A Short Ride Through Hyperspace' at Frequency Festival.
  2. His first AI-rendered film, 'Cosmic Insignificance Therapy', premiered at INTERSECCIÓN film festival.
  3. Tim Murray-Browne will also have an Open Studio day in Glasgow where visitors can see a smaller version of his new work.
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6 implied HN points 31 Mar 23
  1. The video showcases a journey from micro to macro using StyleGAN AI models
  2. The abstract forms in the video hint at string theory and higher-dimensional universes
  3. The exploration of AI's struggle to create photorealistic images reveals insights into human perception
3 implied HN points 23 Sep 23
  1. Consider the development over time and emergence of patterns in interactive installations.
  2. Give the audience agency to control and influence the interactive experience.
  3. AI may impact the future of music by allowing for personalized, interactive experiences but could also lead to appropriation and deskilling in the industry.