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Polymathic Being β€’ 68 implied HN points β€’ 10 Mar 24
  1. Personal agency is key in resisting external influences and making independent choices.
  2. Addiction can extend beyond traditional vices like drugs and alcohol to include positive behaviors as well.
  3. Past attempts at regulation, like Prohibition and the War on Drugs, have often failed, highlighting the importance of personal agency in combating addiction.
From the New World β€’ 21 implied HN points β€’ 08 Mar 24
  1. The Christian afterlife is often depicted with the concepts of heaven, hell, and purgatory, each with its unique perspective on innovation and agency.
  2. Agency plays a significant role in how individuals respond to the Christian revelation, with the rejection of agency leading to a vision of persecution and societal systems.
  3. Innovation in a Christian society is compared to living according to the Kingdom of God, embracing a way to end mimetic rivalry and foster a more fundamental approach.
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Breaking Smart β€’ 107 implied HN points β€’ 21 Oct 23
  1. Thanks to globalization and the internet, we now feel more involved in global events.
  2. Our reactions to distant events can be influenced by a sense of general disequilibrium in the world.
  3. The balance between constraint and agency in our lives can be disrupted by external factors, leading to heightened reactions.
The Social Juice β€’ 12 implied HN points β€’ 14 Sep 23
  1. TikTok trends like 'Being Delusional' and AI voiceover ads are making waves among Gen-Z.
  2. Quality ad creatives are crucial for profit, with Superside offering a top-performing creative service.
  3. Deleting comments on social media can protect brand message from crowds and lurkers, ensuring a positive brand identity.
lifeboat β€’ 19 implied HN points β€’ 03 May 23
  1. Time is weirder than we think, with deep connections to the past and future.
  2. Different cultures have different ways of understanding time, like the concepts of Chronos and Kairos.
  3. Changing how we perceive time can shift our sense of agency and possibility, moving us from despair to action.