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117 implied HN points 30 Jan 24
  1. Strategies are guiding principles and need a clear purpose for decision-making.
  2. Focus on maximizing the benefits of data through data product management, managing data culture, and running a data transformation program.
  3. Feedback and continuous improvement are essential in developing effective data strategies.
58 implied HN points 09 Feb 24
  1. Transitioning from a BI role to a data product team requires defining a Value Gateway to ensure projects deliver tangible benefits.
  2. To manage the progress and accountability of data work, reporting on value at key points is crucial, showcasing the value realized and areas needing support.
  3. Establishing a process around failing fast and doubling down on successful projects, supported by agile project management, is essential for efficient data product management.
117 implied HN points 11 May 23
  1. Being data-dependent is different from being data-driven.
  2. Investing in people's skills is crucial for transitioning to a data-driven organization.
  3. Success in today's world comes from agility and innovation, not just relying on software applications.
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39 implied HN points 04 May 23
  1. Data leaders should take on all legacy issues and drive enterprise transformations.
  2. CDOs should lead efforts to migrate Excel work to cloud-based environments, like the precedent of Jeff Bezos' 'API mandate' at Amazon.
  3. Data transformation programs should be broken down into bold phases to convince boards of the vision and drive successful change.