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Hoop Vision 569 implied HN points 15 Jan 24
  1. A new ball screen continuity called 'The Corner Step-Up' involves players setting screens on the ball at the wing or slot area.
  2. Teams like Marquette, Texas A&M, and Houston are using the corner step-up action to create scoring opportunities, like open lanes to the basket or wide open shots.
  3. Texas A&M and Houston are running a unique offense featuring a patterned series of step-up screens called 'Continuity Step-Up.'
The Auburn Observer 334 implied HN points 19 Jan 24
  1. The new Auburn football offensive coordinator, Derrick Nix, brings experience and a strong track record as a recruiter from his time at Ole Miss.
  2. Nix's impact is expected to boost the running game and potentially help improve the team's passing game efficiency in the 2024 season.
  3. Auburn's offensive coaching staff for 2024, now with Nix on board, is showing promise under head coach Hugh Freeze's leadership.
Purple Insider 353 implied HN points 12 Jan 24
  1. Attributes to look for in a rookie quarterback include production, arm talent, toughness, leadership skills, and athleticism.
  2. When considering changes to the coaching staff, focus may be on positions like running backs coach based on past performances.
  3. Signing a veteran quarterback can still lead a team to a Super Bowl, as proven by recent veteran QBs who competed in the Super Bowl.
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Knicks Film School 687 implied HN points 10 Apr 23
  1. The Knicks are heading into the postseason with a pair of losses and uncertainties about Julius Randle's availability.
  2. Luka Doncic may want out of the Mavericks, and Kyrie Irving skipped his exit meeting, adding to the drama in Big D.
  3. Donovan Mitchell's pull-up 3-point shooting will be a key factor in the upcoming series between the Knicks and the Cavs.
The Auburn Observer 393 implied HN points 18 Sep 23
  1. The Auburn Tigers improved their offense and quarterback's performance by creating more balance and confidence in Week 3.
  2. Quarterback Payton Thorne had a significant bounce back game with the most total and rushing yards in a single game since Nick Marshall.
  3. Auburn utilized passing plays strategically, focusing on RPOs, to overcome challenging goal-to-go situations against Samford.
The Auburn Observer 294 implied HN points 25 Sep 23
  1. Auburn had a tough time passing the ball, with only 56 passing yards and 7 sacks in a game.
  2. The head coach, Hugh Freeze, emphasized the need to review the film before jumping to conclusions.
  3. Despite attempts to pass, Auburn averaged less than a yard per passing play, highlighting significant struggles in the passing game.