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179 implied HN points 08 May 24
  1. VR gaming is gaining momentum with over 30 million Meta Quest headsets sold and successful games like Gorilla Tag, indicating a bright future for the platform.
  2. Developers are focusing on creating more inviting VR hardware and software to overcome challenges like motion sickness and resistance to bulky headsets.
  3. The younger generation, like the Roblox users, is embracing VR quickly, leading to the rise of social experiences and free games targeted at a younger audience.
439 implied HN points 29 Mar 24
  1. Altera is developing AI agents for Minecraft that can interact autonomously and learn from player interactions.
  2. The team at Altera, including MIT PhDs and ex-Google AI engineers, aims to create agents with episodic memory and the ability to set their own goals.
  3. Altera's long-term goal is to expand their AI agents to other games like Roblox and integrate their technology with game engine SDKs for wider developer use.
139 implied HN points 23 Apr 24
  1. Game developers need to find new ways to get their games discovered in the post-E3 era.
  2. Smaller, targeted digital showcases are emerging to help reach specific player audiences beyond traditional large events like The Game Awards and Nintendo Direct.
  3. Game developers face challenges like game saturation, rising user acquisition costs, and the need for strategic marketing strategies to ensure their games get noticed.
199 implied HN points 09 Apr 24
  1. One of the biggest challenges for game developers is working with content creators to market their games effectively. It's important to find creators that resonate with your game and engage with them early on.
  2. Each content creator is unique, so it's crucial to tailor your approach to match their audience and content style. Understand their goals and create experiences that align with them.
  3. Building long-term relationships with content creators requires kindness, respect, and genuine engagement. Treat them well, consider their needs, and value the relationship beyond short-term marketing gains.